Friday, January 21, 2005
I locked myself out of the house today! I was going out to get the mail, and locked the door behind me. I was in my pajamas! I had to walk next door and ask some guy if I could use his cell phone, and under normal circumstances, I would have NEVER shown my face in public the way I looked. But, I had no choice. Landon didn't answer his cell phone, so I left a message, then went back home and sat on the porch, hoping to goodness that Landon got my message. He had ridden his bike to work, so I knew it would be at least 30 minutes--and, that is if he got the message right away. But, sure enough, after about 40 minutes of sitting on the porch in my pajamas (thank goodness it wasn't raining or too incredibly cold), Landon came pedaling up our driveway. I really got myself upset over the whole ordeal, which triggered contractions, but after I calmed myself down, everything went back to normal.

Sharla & Jen are taking me out for Thai food tonight for my 28th birthday. We made plans to do this last Saturday night, but the ice storm prevented us from going out. Should be fun. I'm going to meet them at 5pm. Landon is going to come home from work & take a nap so he can go to session tonight one last time before the baby arrives.



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