Tuesday, January 11, 2005
I don't know why, but lately, Landon and I have not been able to sleep at night, even though we are super tired. I know why I'm not sleeping--I'm getting woke up constantly by the baby, sore back, or aching & swollen joints. However, Landon has not been able to sleep hardly at all. He'll wake up as much as I do during the night. Last night, neither one of us could fall asleep until 1:30am! I think we both have a lot on our minds with the baby coming in 1-3 weeks. I know for myself that even when I am sleeping, my mind and dreams are racing, so I don't feel like I have gotten restful sleep. We're hoping that we'll become so sleep deprived by tonight or tomorrow that nothing--not even a tree falling on the roof--will keep us from sleep. --Karli


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