Monday, January 03, 2005
35 Weeks Pregnant
It's getting close! I've been sleeping pretty well through the night--my back pain has diminished quite a bit. It's still there, but not enough to keep me up for hours a night. I, of course, have to get up during the night several times to go to the restroom, but the important thing is that I'm able to actually go back to sleep. There have been some nights where acid reflux has kept me up recently, and that is no fun! I would actually rather suffer from the reflux than drink the miserable cure, which is Mylanta! Nasty!

Well, today is the first day of my last week at CAS, and the first time since getting pregnant that I have caught a cold. It is in the sore throat stage now, but I know it will progress to a cold by tomorrow. However, even though I'm not feeling well, this week is a happy one for me! I'm officially moving from one stage of my life into another!



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