Thursday, January 06, 2005

28 Years Today
I was so sick all day today. I only got up from the couch to eat or drink. My eyes were watering non-stop today. I slept a lot, and got plenty of rest, but my body is still sick. Some birthday! I really didn't care too much about my birthday this year, because my mind is 100% focused on the baby and labor/delivery right now. When Landon got home from work, I opened up a present from him--a pair of Berkenstocks. I wore those to Lamaze at 7pm. It was a good class, and I really enjoyed the instructor a lot. She talked about the environment in the labor/delivery room. Landon did a great job, and I'm glad he will be my support system in the labor/delivery room. It was a little tough getting through Lamaze class since I was sick, but I was able to get through it, and looking forward to next week. We now have an MD appointment and a Lamaze class once a week until the baby is born. 4 more weeks!

I can't believe I'm 28, but think it is the perfect age to become a Mom. --Karli


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