Monday, January 31, 2005
Last Day of January
At this point, even if labor started right now, I'm sure that the baby would be born after midnight, making it a February baby. I'm excited that the baby will have a February birthdate, because I really like the month of February. I like January, also, but it will be nice for the baby to have its own month, as my birthday falls in January.

I just woke up from a morning nap. It is almost 11:30am, and still--no baby! We'll see, though. I have some cramping & contractions since waking up, but I'm not getting excited yet, because every time this has happened before, it has been a false alarm!

Sunday, January 30, 2005
I was so sure that labor was starting last night and this morning, but the contractions stopped and went away. Later this afternoon, Landon and I had lunch at McMenamin's, then went on a walk (it was a nice day out!) in Gabriel Park. Other than that, we stayed home all day waiting, waiting, waiting. No more contractions all day, and I slept through the night w/out any contractions--just had to get up frequently to use the bathroom. Now I'm really unsure of when this baby will come! The doctor was so sure it would be in the next few days, but so far, the baby hasn't arrived! It will happen when it is meant to happen. Karli
Saturday, January 29, 2005
Landon and I bought a video camera this morning! It is going to be so nice to have our own! Landon's been making short video clips. The camera is easy to use, and an affordable model that is recommended on consumer reports. The camera is really small, so it will be easy to pack into one of our digital camera cases.

After we bought the camera at Good Guys, we tried out a new Teriyaki restaurant called House of Teriyaki. Very good!

Later on, we went to Aculpoco's for dinner in Multnomah Village (good Mexican food!), then went and saw Sideways with Mike, Tracy, and their friends Jess & Matt. Very interesting film!

I had contractions on and off today, but nothing regular. Baby, when are you going to arrive?? We're all waiting for you!
Friday, January 28, 2005

I am so excited! Qualcomm purchased the Nature's Papasan Cradle Swing that I wanted so much for the baby! When Landon brought it home from work, I was so happy that I screamed! Landon set it up for me, (don't worry, I assembled the stroller last night, and I'm proud of myself for that!) and it is super nice. Can't wait to put our little baby in it. Might be this weekend, too, as the doctor says I'm ready to go anytime now. My blood pressure was 110/74 today, so it is back to normal. I'm so happy--we have everything we need! Can't wait to have this baby! I know everything is going to go great, and our baby is going to be healthy and happy. Karli
Thursday, January 27, 2005

I took a morning nap for about an hour this morning. I didn't sleep well at all last night. I was up about every 30 minutes going to the bathroom, and also suffered from back pain & pelvic pain. This morning, I have had contractions off and on. Right now, I'm running to Babies R'US to get the last things on our registry that we still need. Then, I have to run to a store to get some button up pajama tops I can wear at night & easily nurse the baby. When I get home, I need to get the bags packed for the hospital. I have things laid out, but it isn't all packed yet. So much for taking it easy w/ my high blood pressure! I need to get these things done, though, and time is ticking away! Karli
Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Stats from 38 Week Appointment
Blood Pressure: 140/80, then 130/84, then 126/86 (going back in Friday to have this re-checked)
Fundal Height: 38cm
Dilation: 1cm
Effacement: 70%

I am to take it easy due to my high blood pressure. I am concerned about this, because I don't want to have to be induced if it continues to stay elevated! Right now, I am in the range for pre-hypertension.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005
We are nearing the end of January, and it is looking more and more like we'll be having a February baby after all. Last week, I felt sure the baby was going to come early, but now, the daily contractions have subsided somewhat, and I'm not so sure.

I ran some errands today. In the evening, Landon and I watched The Empire Strikes Back. I don't think I like Star Wars as much as Landon and Damien do. I didn't grow up watching it or anything, so I don't have any history with the movies. They are pretty interesting, though. I like Lord of the Rings much better than I like Star Wars.

Monday, January 24, 2005
38 Weeks Pregnant
It could be any day now! There is little left to do now before the baby arrives. The hospital bags will be packed this week, and we'll wrap up Lamaze on Thursday night. Everything and everyone is waiting and ready for our little baby to arrive!

Today is Cindy's 30th birthday--Happy Birthday, Cindy!
Sunday, January 23, 2005

Landon and I went out to dinner with my parents Sunday night. We went to Hayden's Bar & Grill overlooking a man-made body of water in Tualatin. You can tell by looking at my face that I am retaining a lot of water during these last few weeks of pregnancy. --Karli
Saturday, January 22, 2005

Today I went down to McMinnville for the baby shower at my Mom's house. It was very nice. My Mom bought a carrot sheet cake, and it was nicely decorated. There were balloons & decorations. There was a nice group of family members there. I received a lot of nice things for the baby. Here is a picture of me with a yellow sweater that my Aunt Esther crocheted for the baby. It is really nice, and will probably fit the baby for at least several months. Karli
Friday, January 21, 2005
I locked myself out of the house today! I was going out to get the mail, and locked the door behind me. I was in my pajamas! I had to walk next door and ask some guy if I could use his cell phone, and under normal circumstances, I would have NEVER shown my face in public the way I looked. But, I had no choice. Landon didn't answer his cell phone, so I left a message, then went back home and sat on the porch, hoping to goodness that Landon got my message. He had ridden his bike to work, so I knew it would be at least 30 minutes--and, that is if he got the message right away. But, sure enough, after about 40 minutes of sitting on the porch in my pajamas (thank goodness it wasn't raining or too incredibly cold), Landon came pedaling up our driveway. I really got myself upset over the whole ordeal, which triggered contractions, but after I calmed myself down, everything went back to normal.

Sharla & Jen are taking me out for Thai food tonight for my 28th birthday. We made plans to do this last Saturday night, but the ice storm prevented us from going out. Should be fun. I'm going to meet them at 5pm. Landon is going to come home from work & take a nap so he can go to session tonight one last time before the baby arrives.

Thursday, January 20, 2005
Inauguration of President Bush for a 2nd term--so, his name made it into our baby book, because he will be the President when our baby is born. He'll probably be President when our 2nd child is born, too, since he'll be in office for another four years.

I met with Millie's husband, Mike, this morning to discuss adding on to our house. If we can get the ball rolling now, we're hoping to have the addition by this summer. It will give us more room, and will give Landon a place to practice music, as well as an office.

I met Landon for lunch, so we could discuss our options with the addition. I was pretty tired today--I had no where near the energy that I had yesterday.

I don't like sleeping away from Landon, but I've had to sleep in the living room for awhile now, because it is the only place where I can sleep and not suffer from back pain.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005
37th Week Prenatal Appointment
Everything looks great! Uterus still measures at 37cm (probably won't grow much more now), my blood pressure is still considered normal, the baby's heartbeat was in the 120's, and I only gained one pound last week! My weight gain has definitely slowed down. This is normal, and I probably won't put on much more weight before the baby arrives. What I am gaining, I think is water retention, as I'm pretty swollen all over. It is a waiting game, now, and the baby could come any day. We are so excited, and cannot wait for that day to arrive!

Landon is meeting with the first of three contractors that are coming by this week to take a look at our house for the addition. We are hoping it will work out to add this additional living space this summer if all goes according to plan.

After my morning nap, I had an unusal burst of energy. After weeks & months of having no energy at all, here is what I was able to accomplish today:

Karli says:
You are never going to believe it when you get home!!!
Karli says:
You know how tired I've been for weeks, months, basically a useless human being except for the fact that I'm growing a baby??
Karli says:
Well, today was different. After I woke up from my nap, I had more energy than I have had my entire pregnancy. I did a LOT of yardwork. You aren't going to believe it!
Karli says:
I worked real hard for about 2 hours.
Landon says:
Landon says:
Landon says:
Karli says:
Well, now all the sticks are picked up in the whole yard, the porch has been swept, the mats are hanging to dry, the sunporch was swept, the house was swept, and I picked up all the sticks (a lot of them) in the yard, swept the sidewalk, and put the grapefruit in the compost.
Karli says:
I also carried a dead plant to the compost (a day's work for me any other day), and I also hung the plant back up on the Tuff Shed.
Karli says:
I got the wheelbarrow, the rake, the shovel, and the push broom. I worked real hard.
Karli says:
Now, I'm real tired!
Landon says:
wow, this is amazing.
Karli says:
But, I'm still ready to help out with more yardwork if you need me to.
Karli says:
Oh, I also pruned the hydrangea.
Karli says:
I cut off all the dead blooms.
Karli says:
And, I put the garbage can on the curb.
Karli says:
I also took out all the trash, did the laundry, etc.
Karli says:
Now, I'm going to fold some clothes & make the bed.
Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Landon & Karli eating Christmas dinner at Mike & Susan's house.

I felt super tired all day today. I met my friend Jen down at PSU for lunch, then stopped at Fred Meyer's to refill a prescription for flouride pills. When I got home, I laid down to take a nap, but Landon came home early from work, since he wasn't feeling well, so my nap was cut short. We both took it easy for the rest of the day. Landon did practice his fiddle later on in the evening. It will be nice if we can add the sun-room to the front of the house, so that he can have more space to practice and focus on music without getting interrupted so much. There just isn't anywhere Landon can go in our little house to be alone and practice!

I slept pretty well last night, especially considering that I was up every 30-40 minutes to go to the restroom. My feet have swelled up, now, so it isn't just my hands, wrists, and face, but now my feet & ankles, also. Being swollen all over isn't much fun, but it is going to be worth it in the end when we have our little healthy son or daughter!

Monday, January 17, 2005

37 Weeks Pregnant
Today marks the earliest date that our baby could be born and still be considered full-term. We are both eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little son or daughter. We are both excited about this new role we are about to step into. It could happen any day now!

I've been having a more difficult time breathing lately. Last night, when I was brushing my teeth before bed, I had to sit down, because I started to feel shortness of breath. My back pain has also started up again this past week. Lately, I've been addicted to Ruby Red Grapefruits. I've been eating one to two a day, and if we run out, I have to make sure we go to Fred Meyer so I am not deprived of one in a 24 hour period. The swelling in my finger & wrist joints is still a major discomfort. They are so full of fluid that they hurt all the time now. It is worse when I first wake up from laying down. I can't twist or open anything without major discomfort. Just think--these things will all go away once I have the baby--and that is now only days or weeks away!
Sunday, January 16, 2005
Landon reinstalled everything on our computer today. It hasn't been running properly now for several weeks. While he worked on that all day, I pretty much kept to myself. I wasn't in the best of spirits after being cooped up for 2 days. I couldn't wait until the ice melted. By 3:30pm, we left for Landon's hair appointment at Salon in Vogue. We ran some errands, then I came home and watched the Golden Globe awards for several hours while Landon finished working on the computer.

I ate too much while watching the Golden Globes, though, and when I tried to go to bed, I was hit with the discomforts of acid reflux. I took 3 tums, then was luckily able to fall asleep.

Saturday, January 15, 2005
Ice, Ice Baby

The ice prevented both Landon and I from leaving the house today. We were housebound. I did not even want to step outdoors at all, because if I were to slip and fall, that would be super bad. I can't balance myself like usual, obviously, as I'm carrying around an extra 50lbs. of weight. If I were to fall, my wrist would snap immediately, I'm sure. Also, the risk of falling on the baby is enough to keep me out of the cold & ice. Everything is coated with a thin sheet of ice, but it is enough to cause over 100 wrecks in the Multnomah area alone, and definitely enough to cause one to slip & fall.

Friday, January 14, 2005
Winter blast is supposed to hit again. The news media coined that expression last year, and now they use it to describe any ice or snow that is forecasted to hit our area. We're only supposed to get like an inch, as well as freezing rain, but it is still considered winter blast, I guess. East coasters think we're a bunch of pansies out here, and when it comes to weather, they are right. We'll shut the city down over an inch. We deserve it, though, because we don't get snow days like other cities do.

Today I took Felix to the vet, cleaned the house, did laundry, took a two hour nap (I'm always tired due to my anemia), and played some Mario Brothers. When Landon got home from work, we went to Fred Meyer's and bought $160.00 in groceries and two losing lotto tickets. We're all set now for the weekend, especially if we won't be able to leave the house. It would be just my luck this weekend to go into labor--how would we safely get to the hospital? We'd find a way, I'm sure. We could always use our neighbor's four-wheel drive pick-up, right?

Thursday, January 13, 2005
I went to my 36 week appointment today. My last lab test during pregnancy was done today--the Group Beta culture. I dropped Landon off at work, then came home, picked up Miriam's birthday present (our birthdays are only about 12 days apart, and we were born in the same year), then went to meet Miriam and my sister Tracy at OHSU's School of Nursing for lunch. I was SO exhausted after being up all night last night with back pain. After I got home, I slept hard for about two hours, then did some things around the house before leaving to go pick up Landon from work. We went to Haggen to get some dinner, then headed to Lamaze. We brought cookies--other people at the class brought other things. We had lots of different things to snack on. Most of what they teach at Lamaze is review for me. I know a lot already about pregnancy & childbirth, and have read at least 15 books on the topic. I was interested in it before I even got pregnant, and have become even more interested after getting pregnant. So, it is a lot of review for me. Next week, we are going to work on more pain mgmt. techniques. After we got home, we went to bed, but like usual, could not fall asleep, so around 1am, we both finally drifted off. --Karli
Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Since I didn't sleep much last night, I took a 2 hour nap this morning. When I woke up, I got ready to take Priscilla to the vet. I'm trying to get things like this out of the way before the baby gets here. We're trying to find a new vet, but for now, I still drive the cats to Clackamas Banfield. The vet was at lunch, so I had to wait in the car out in the parking lot for over an hour. I used that time to catch up on some phone calls to people I haven't called for awhile. Anyway, Priscilla won't have to go to the vet again until September or so of this year, so hopefully, I'll find a new vet by then that is a little closer to us. I'm really picky about vets for our cats, though, so finding a new one might be a bigger job than I think it will. Anyway, I got home at around 3pm. Landon and I are going to go to Pizzacato tonight for dinner, then we'll come home and try to get a decent night of sleep. --Karli
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
I don't know why, but lately, Landon and I have not been able to sleep at night, even though we are super tired. I know why I'm not sleeping--I'm getting woke up constantly by the baby, sore back, or aching & swollen joints. However, Landon has not been able to sleep hardly at all. He'll wake up as much as I do during the night. Last night, neither one of us could fall asleep until 1:30am! I think we both have a lot on our minds with the baby coming in 1-3 weeks. I know for myself that even when I am sleeping, my mind and dreams are racing, so I don't feel like I have gotten restful sleep. We're hoping that we'll become so sleep deprived by tonight or tomorrow that nothing--not even a tree falling on the roof--will keep us from sleep. --Karli
Monday, January 10, 2005
36 Weeks Pregnant
It won't be long now! I've been feeling really good the past week or so. I've been sleeping much better through the night with little back pain. The swelling has been an issue, but I'd much rather deal with swelling and aching joints than the back pain I had last month. The baby has little room to move, but I do feel it wiggling around throughout the day. It doesn't move like it did, however, when it had a lot of room in there. My weight gain has slowed way down, and my appetite has decreased. I have a lot of discomfort when I'm up and walking around, so I'm not doing much of that these days! Landon and I are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the baby!

Sunday, January 09, 2005
Landon and I slept in a little, then got up and went to Starbucks to read for awhile over coffee before meeting Damien & Laurie for lunch. They are loaning us their video camera to tape the birth of the baby. After going to three places that were closed, we ended up going to Chili's, which was pretty good. After lunch, Landon and I went to get some groceries, then came back home, played Mario Bros., watched Sex & the City, then finished the evening with some quiet music playing--Landon read his book I got him for Christmas called, Due Preparation for the Plague, and I filled out thank-you cards (20 to be exact!).

Saturday, January 08, 2005
We didn't do a whole lot other than relax and take it easy this weekend. I was determined to get over this cold, so didn't want to make any plans with anyone. We played Mario Bros., watched Sex & the City, and I finished watching A Baby Story epidodes that my Mom taped for me.

Friday, January 07, 2005

This picture was taken by my Mom last weekend when we celebrated my birthday and my sister Kristi's birthday in McMinnville at my parents' house.

Today--another day of being sick. I basically would get up for about 20 to 30 minutes and do things around the house, then have to lay down again. I have also been dealing with increasing discomfort in my hands due to excessive swelling in the tissues & joints. When I woke up from my morning nap this morning, my hands were SO swollen, and I couldn't bend my fingers w/out a lot of pain. My face was also super swollen, as well as my lips, which is common. After I sat up and elevated my hands/fingers for awhile, the swelling went down. I need to continue to drink a LOT of water over the next four weeks. Studies have shown that the more hydrated your skin is, the better chance you have of delivering your baby w/out tearing. Also, it helps to prevent stretch marks, and keeps the baby healthy. The amniotic fluid is able to be continually replaced as you drink lots of water.

I'm hoping to get some more accomplished this weekend. All I was able to do today was the laundry, the dishes, clean the microwave, pick up around the living room & kitchen, and get the kitchen table organized for sending out thank-you cards. I'm starting to feel the "nesting" instinct to get the house in complete order. I need to get as much done in the next two weeks as possible, just in case I do go into labor early.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

28 Years Today
I was so sick all day today. I only got up from the couch to eat or drink. My eyes were watering non-stop today. I slept a lot, and got plenty of rest, but my body is still sick. Some birthday! I really didn't care too much about my birthday this year, because my mind is 100% focused on the baby and labor/delivery right now. When Landon got home from work, I opened up a present from him--a pair of Berkenstocks. I wore those to Lamaze at 7pm. It was a good class, and I really enjoyed the instructor a lot. She talked about the environment in the labor/delivery room. Landon did a great job, and I'm glad he will be my support system in the labor/delivery room. It was a little tough getting through Lamaze class since I was sick, but I was able to get through it, and looking forward to next week. We now have an MD appointment and a Lamaze class once a week until the baby is born. 4 more weeks!

I can't believe I'm 28, but think it is the perfect age to become a Mom. --Karli
Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Last day at Providence

Today, some of my co-workers put together a nice baby shower for me. I received a lot of nice things for the baby, and received about $100.00 to put towards my breast pump & accessories at Babies R'Us. I am really excited. It was very thoughtful. There were balloons, a cake, and lots of food. Everyone that helped put it together did such a nice job. It was too bad we couldn't enjoy it longer than we did, because there was a lot of work put into it. However, the management would not let us log out of our phones, so a lot of people were unable to go, and the people that did go had to rush back to their desks. Regardless, it meant a lot, and I really appreciated it.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005
I was right--my sore throat has progressed into a cold. It was pretty difficult to be on the phone for 8 hours today. My voice sounds pretty terrible, and I'm sure the patients don't like talking to someone that sounds sicker than they are. Oh, well. This will be a thing of the past by 8:30pm tomorrow.

Monday, January 03, 2005
35 Weeks Pregnant
It's getting close! I've been sleeping pretty well through the night--my back pain has diminished quite a bit. It's still there, but not enough to keep me up for hours a night. I, of course, have to get up during the night several times to go to the restroom, but the important thing is that I'm able to actually go back to sleep. There have been some nights where acid reflux has kept me up recently, and that is no fun! I would actually rather suffer from the reflux than drink the miserable cure, which is Mylanta! Nasty!

Well, today is the first day of my last week at CAS, and the first time since getting pregnant that I have caught a cold. It is in the sore throat stage now, but I know it will progress to a cold by tomorrow. However, even though I'm not feeling well, this week is a happy one for me! I'm officially moving from one stage of my life into another!

Sunday, January 02, 2005
I was tired all morning--in fact, after taking a bath mid-morning, I didn't feel well at all. I laid on the couch and watched five episodes of A Baby Story (a pregnancy series my Mom tapes for me on cable). By about 12pm, I started to get ready for our trip down to McMinnville. Everyone is booked for the next several weeks, so we celebrated my 28th birthday and my sister Kristi's 25th birthday today. I felt a lot better during the birthday party than I had all morning. I was glad about that.

My Mom got me some earrings & a jewelry box w/ a lamp for my birthday. Kristi got some clothes. Tracy got me the last half of the sixth season of Sex & the City. Kristi got me some candle-lamps. Shelly got me a sculpture.

My Mom, Dad, Landon, and I might go out to dinner on Friday night. I think my Dad wants to go to Outback Steakhouse. I know there is one in Tualatin--not sure if there is one closer to McMinnville.

Landon is watching one of the movies right now that my Mom sent up with us, and I'm about ready to start playing Sims.

Saturday, January 01, 2005
Welcome, 2005!
First day of a brand new year! It was pouring most of today. Landon wanted to go to a local park to walk around, but when we got there, it started pouring again, so Landon just read about the park on a sign, then we went to Michael's, because Landon had the good idea to get supplies to make homemade candles---perfect idea for a rainy day! When we got home, however, I was so tired that I laid down for a nap, and before we knew it, it was time to go to the east side to meet Mike & Susan for dinner @ a new Thai restaurant. Afterwards, Landon and I went to see Meet the Fockers downtown. It was just as funny as the first one. I thought it was pretty good overall.

So far, it's been a nice weekend of relaxation, especially after the holidays, which can be stressful in many ways.

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