Sunday, December 05, 2004

We met our friend Bob Gluckman for breakfast at the Original Pancake House at 9:15am, and after having breakfast, Landon and I drove downtown to Pioneer Place to do some shopping. We got Landon some new clothes, and I got Cindy a Christmas present. It was kind of difficult shopping 7 months pregnant. I had to sit down a lot and take rests, take lots of bathroom breaks, and walk slowly. It took a lot longer to get around than it would have if I wasn't pregnant. We got the job done, however. I forgot to take a sleeper for Sylvia's birthday party to Meier & Frank and exchange it for Susan, since it was the wrong size, so instead of walking all the way back to the car and then all the way back to the mall, we decided to just drive to Washington Sqaure, which is about 3 miles from our house. It took about 40 minutes between finding the sleeper in Meier & Frank and waiting in line before we finally were able to go back home. Landon washed his new clothes, and we watched an episode of Alias, then we got ready for Qualcomm's annual Christmas party, which was held at Shennanigan's this year facing the Willamette River. They had a harpist that played live music, and the dinner & party were very nice. Damien got a door prize, which was a $50.00 bill. A few years ago, they were handing out fast-food certificates, so the door prizes have definitely improved. It was a fun evening. We finally left at around 9:30pm, came home, and went to sleep after a long day. --Karli


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