Sunday, December 12, 2004

Today we took some pictures for our Christmas cards, I unwrapped all my gifts and started washing the baby clothes in baby detergent while Landon went to get his bicycle wheel repqired, then we headed over to the east side for lunch before going to Sylvia's (Miriam & Mark's daughter) 1st birthday party. The party was from 2-4, and was fun, but by 4pm, I was incredibly tired from the long week & long weekend, and we headed home. Before going home, however, we stopped at Lowe's to order blinds for both of the bedrooms (lemon yellow & northern lights blue), then went to get some groceries for our sack lunches for the week. We went to bed fairly early--I am very much dreading tomorrow morning's dental appointment--2 1/2 hours in the dental chair with lots of drilling & novacaine. Not my ideal way of starting the week!


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