Sunday, December 26, 2004

New microfiber down comforter that was a gift to us from Mike & Susan for Christmas. We ended up exchanging this one for a chocolate brown one today. We had to go to Target, Meier & Frank, J.C. Penney, Sharper Image, and Mervyn's for our exchanges/returns. The mall was SO crowded. I'm so glad Landon came with me to help, because I could have never got it all done without him. There was one time where he had to go pick me up in the car, because it was too far for me to walk, and he also helped to carry things into the stores. We ended up exchanging some things for a baby monitor at J.C. Penney, got the chocolate comforter for the tan one, returned one of the two alarm clocks that I bought for Landon (I wanted him to pick which one he wanted) at Sharper Image for cash back, exchanged the martini set (we got one from Mike & Susan, and one from my parents) for some socks & pj's for Landon, and exchanged the crock-pot (my Mom had bought me one when I moved into my first apartment) my Mom got us for Christmas for some nursing supplies at Target, which is all stuff that we needed. Anyway, I would not recommend doing returns or exchanges on December 26th if you want to maintain your sanity, but after the three hours it took us to do this, I was glad it was all done. We ended up coming home & playing Mario Brothers on Landon's new Nintendo until about 7pm, when we left to go meet Colleen & her family at the cinema. We saw The Life Aquatic with Colleen, her parents, and her brother Patrick. After that, we stopped at Albertson's to get a few groceries, then we came home and I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow, which was about 10:30pm.


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