Thursday, December 16, 2004

Landon and I almost finished all of our Christmas shopping tonight. I still have to buy for a few friends, but other than that, I think we got it! Landon and I split up at first to buy for each other, but when I walked into Eddie Bauer, I saw him in there making a purchase, and I just knew he must be buying me the red pajamas that I said I liked there the weekend before! When we got home, Landon said I could open my present early, which I did, and now I'm wearing my new Eddie Bauer Christmas pajamas that will fit me pregnant or not!

My 32 week pregnancy appointment was today. I met with a nurse practioner, because my OB-GYN is out of town. She was really nice. Baby's heartrate was in the 140's, and my uterus measures at 32 centimeters, which correspondes with 32 weeks of pregnancy. Usually, the height of the uterine fundus and the week of pregnancy do correspond with each other. I'm going to be seeing the doctor every 2 weeks now until I hit 36 weeks, then I'll be going in every week. D-day will be here before I know it! --Karli


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