Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I've been sleeping really well the past couple of weeks, but last night, I was once again plagued with back pain, which prevented me from 1) sleeping in our bed and 2) sleeping for more than one hour at a time. I have to sleep on the futon with pillows between my back and the back of the futon to support my back when I have back pain. Another side-effect of pregnancy that has really been bothering me during the night is that my finger joints swell up and ache, and if I try to bend them, they pop. My friend Jen said this is due to water retention, and when I'm laying down, the fluid is unable to drain out of my fingers. Joint pain in the fingers is not pleasant. Usually, after about two hours of being up and about in the mornings, the pain diminishes, but during the evenings when I'm laying down, it is part of what keeps me awake. I don't have to work today until 12pm, so I'm going to try to rest for a couple of hours this morning to catch up on some lost sleep from last night. --Karli


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