Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Here is Sylvia Christmas Day.

It is bad enough having to get your teeth scraped and drilled on, but to have to experience it at 7am in the morning is just wrong. Dentists offices shouldn't even have appointments at that hour. I couldn't even tolerate the appointment. We decided to have most of the work done after I have the baby. I'm actually going to go to another dentist for a 2nd opinion, because my current dentist is making me feel like he is trying to make some money. He went from telling me he would be able to take care of the problem today to telling me I had to go on a 3-visit treatment plan which includes replacing four more fillings, and 2 possible root canals. I definitely think he's after a dollar. My dentist left her practice due to personal reasons over the summer, and this guy who has taken over is fresh out of dental school. I don't trust him. Plus, he is going off of x-rays that were taken over a year ago (I refuse to have them while pregnant), and my dentist never mentioned once the problems from those x-rays that this dentist is claiming are possible root-canal scenarios. Either A) my dentist did not think these teeth were problems or B) she didn't see the problems. I tend to think A is the truth. Anyway, a second opinion is what I will be getting, and I'm definitely waiting until after the baby is born to have this work done. Already, the one tooth that broke off is now very sensitive (even with the porcelain crown), and can hardly tolerate chewing on that side, let alone, extreme hot or cold beverages or food. This morning was very overwhelming, and most of the overwhelming feelings came from the dentist changing his stories from appointment to appointment. He'll be lucky if I ever visit his office again.

After he put the porcelain crown on, (this took over an hour), I came home and slept for about 2 hours, then went to work from 12-8:30pm.

5 more weeks until the baby will be here.



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