Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Day, 2004
Christmas morning, Landon and I got up at around 8am, checked out of the hotel, and headed down to Sheridan to visit my Dad, who had decided to open the store Christmas Day with Robby. We got a couple of things for my Mom while we were down there, and also got some coffee from my Dad's deli. It was pretty good. We then drove to my parents' house for Christmas breakfast. My mom made a huge dish of quiche, and also another big platter of gourmet French toast. It was enough for our whole family, but the only people who came for breakfast were Landon and I, my Grandma, and my mom. Kristi was briefly there, and had a small plate, but she was rushed to get out the door, so did not even sit down. We left the house at around 11am, drove to Portland & picked up the food & presents for Landon's parents' house, and arrived at their house by about 1:30pm. We opened presents, and by 3pm, Miriam, Sylvia, Inge, David, Gay, & Leslie arrived. We had dinner around 5pm. I especially liked the smoked turkey, and was a little disappointed when Mike put it away for stew before I was able to have thirds. I guess I'll have to wait a whole year before I'll be able to have it again! Actually, maybe longer, since next year, I am planning on having Christmas dinner at our house. --Karli


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