Monday, December 06, 2004

31 Weeks Pregnant
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It may be hard to imagine, but our baby is now 28cm crown to rump or 15 1/4 inches long, and weighs three pounds, 12oz. In the past few months, the rapid weight gain has been due to an increase of fat stores and muscle. Our baby can move his or her head to the side, but now that baby is taking up much of the available space, his or her movement will slowly decrease.

Do you waddle? The pregnancy hormone relaxin is responsible for softening the hip joints that cause you to move differently. Your gait is not helped by your large uterus, which can throw your posture off and cause you to have a sway-back appearance. If you'd like to avoid back pain, it's important to stand up straight.

By now, you may long for a good night's rest, and finding a comfortable position may have become a challenge. If you feel like sleeping on your back, don't. This position may allow your heavy uterus to place undue pressure on the vena cava, a vein that supplies the baby with blood and oxygen. Try the ‘foetal position’ and stuff a pillow or two between your knees for added support.


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