Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Tonight, I semi-organized the things I have so far for the baby. I spent some time folding the clothes I have been accumulating (I have already washed them with Dreft), packed the diaper bag with what I have so far, and put the exersaucer & swing out in the living room for Landon to put in the Tuff Shed until the baby will be ready to use them. Today I made a trip to Woodburn to check out the Carter's outlet store. I spent a chunk of change on a bunch of sleepers for the new baby up through 3 months of age. Only a little over two months, and the baby will be here! With the holidays quickly approaching, the days get busy, so I'm happy to be getting so much done while I can.

My glucose test came back normal. My anemia screening came back low, so I am now on iron supplements.


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