Sunday, November 14, 2004

Today we drove down to McMinnville for Kaenan's 3rd birthday party. His actual birthday is on November 4th, but we celebrated it today. The picture above shows my sister Shelly, Kaenan's mom, and Kaenan.

Earlier today, we went to an art show put on by a friend of ours and our realtor, as well as a few other artists. I bought a necklace, and our realtor gave us a baby hat she had knitted with all different colors. We stayed for about an hour, then left to go to McMinnville.

When we got home, Landon and I watched A Baby Story on VHS that my Mom has been taping for us from the TLC cable channel.

We've had a full weekend, so we both were in bed and asleep by 10:15pm.



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