Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Notice Felix in the corner of this picture--he's one funny looking cat!

Election Day 2004--Measure 36 passes, and President Bush will serve as President for four more years.

I am pretty discouraged about Bush getting re-elected, considering both Landon and I have been Kerry supporters for the past year. Personally, I think highly of John Kerry, and had convinced myself that he had a good chance of winning. I watched the Frontline special on both Bush/Kerry that covered biographical information about their lives. I had a lot of hope that John Kerry could bring about some changes with his administration that we really need in this country. His stance on oil reliance, the environment, the economy, taxes, not to mention his position on the war, were hopeful considering the current situation in this country. However, we live in a country where the people choose, and the majority of the population (however close it was) have chosen George W. Bush to continue serving as 43rd President. For me, being on the losing side is hard, but I can only hope that somehow things will improve over the next four years, and that things won't get any worse--because, truthfully, I don't see how they can get much worse.



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