Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Japanese maple @ Mike & Susan's house.

Landon came home sick from work today, and I wasn't feeling well either, so we both took it easy all night. I did go to Fred Meyer's to get about $100.00 in groceries, though, while Landon slept at home. I bought Landon a $1.00 lottery ticket (he won $5.00), a bookmark, and some rice pudding. I didn't sleep much over the night, due to restless leg syndrome (I've had this most of the 2nd trimester and up until now), which is described as the following in What to Expect When You're Expecting:

the restless, creeping, crawling, tingling feeling inside the foot and/or leg that keeps the rest of your body from settling down. It's most common at night, but it can also strike in the late afternoon--or pretty much anytime you're lying or sitting down. Experts aren't certain what causes RLS in some pregnant women, and they're even less sure of how to treat it. None of the tricks of the leg cramp trade--including rubbing or flexing--seem to bring relief. Medications are out, too, since those that are currently used to treat RLS aren't safe for use during pregnancy. It's possible that diet, stress, and other environmental factors may contribute to the problem, so it may help to keep track of what you eat, what you do, and how you feel each day so that you can see what lifestyle habits, if any, bring on symptoms (267).


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