Friday, November 26, 2004

Here is a picture of what I looked like a lot of the time in Oakland. A pillow behind my back, under my belly, feet propped up, and hair disheveled. At least I'm comfortable, though! The cat, Curbus, liked to sleep on any lap that was available. Here, he seems comfortable, even though my lap's space is cramped from my big belly, and the way I am laying has Curbus laying at an odd angle. He was comfortable enough to sleep there, though. After my legs started falling asleep, I had to take him off, however. This picture was taken after a dinner of steamed vegetables. I was pretty full, and my belly felt like it was going to pop. I think it is the way I am sitting in this picture, but it looks like my belly is so big that my sweater cannot even cover it all the way. It really can, though, I promise!


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