Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Today something really good happened to me! I went to get a 2nd estimate on my car (I dented the side in when I was in a lot of pain from my gallbladder and wasn't paying attention), and the guy at the auto-body shop fixed my car for free! He grabbed a tool, popped the siding back out, and I was able to open my passenger door again (because of the dented siding, I was unable to open the passenger door). The first auto-body shop swore it would cost over 700.00 to fix it. The guy at Kegal's fixed it in one minute for free, and said as a pregnant woman, I deserved to spend my money someplace else. What a nice guy! He totally could have written me out an estimate, looking to make some money, but instead, he put my best interests ahead of his own. I'm going to send him a card and a Starbucks gift card to reward him for being such a nice and considerate person. Karli


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