Friday, October 29, 2004
Today I went to DEQ to get Landon's car's plates renewed, then picked up a Denon mini-stereo system that he wanted at Magnolia Hi-Fi. Landon got off work a couple of hours early, and we went around Portland looking for a book-shelf to put his new stereo on in the living room. When it came down to it, we ended up using one we already had, and it looks fine. It's a really nice stereo, and Landon has been listening to music a lot more than he had been.

This evening, Landon played at Mississippi Pizza, and Damien & Laurie came, so I sat and talked to them all night. By a quarter of 11pm, I knew I had to leave if I had any intention of going to work the next morning. So, I left, drove home, and before I knew it, it was 7am, and it was time to get up for work.


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