Sunday, October 17, 2004

Priscilla doesn't recognize Felix, because of his haircut, so she keeps hissing at him. Here, she is trying to escape him, I think. He is confused by her hissing, because he doesn't really understand why she is treating him differently.

Tonight we celebrated Shelly's 23rd birthday at Newport Bay. I liked my dinner alright, but thought it was way over-priced. I don't really like chain restaurants in general. They are okay once in awhile, but I much rather prefer independently owned restaurants, because I think the cuisine and atmostphere is better overall. After having salmon for dinner (served with bread & salad), I ordered a NY Cheesecake with decaf coffee. I was the last one eating at the table. It was a big meal for me. I've been experiencing reflux--it started during the 2nd trimester (about 3 weeks ago, actually). If I eat a lot at one time, it takes a long time to digest, and keeps me uncomfortable for hours afterward. That was how it went last night after I got home. Barbara & Landon were practicing for their gig at the end of the month, and I laid on the futon, unable to find a position that was comfortable. Landon gave me a couple of Tums, but they did not help at all. There is a reason why it is better for pregnant women to eat 6 small meals a day, rather than 3 larger ones--it really helps with digestion and lessens reflux!

I can't believe it is October 17th already!



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