Friday, October 01, 2004
Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery
Landon and I woke up at 4:30am, so that we could be at St. Vincent's at 5:30am. The early morning surgery meant that I did not even notice the eight hours without food or water prior to the surgery. I was fine until the nurse brought Landon and I back to a pre-surgery waiting room where I was told to get into the surgical gown. When they put the IV in my arm, I started to cry. I was so worried about the baby. The anesthesiologist chose to not give me a sedative, because she wanted to make sure she didn't give me anything that could potentially be harmful to the baby. I cried until they took me into surgery. Landon tried to reassure me, but I was really scared, especially because I had never had surgery before. When they wheeled me into the operating room, I kind of went into shock, and I wasn't crying anymore. It felt like everything was a blur around me. They let me know when they gave me the pain medication in my IV, and it made me feel light-headed. The next thing I knew, I was in a recovery room, and a nurse was standing over me, holding my hand, and reassuring me. My mouth and throat were so dry. I kept asking for ice chips. I overheard the nurses saying to each other that my baby was okay, and that my surgery went well. I heard myself asking if they thought I could have something from Starbucks later. They just laughed. I was really groggy. They decided after about 40 minutes that I was ready to go to my room. When the transportation CNA started to pump the table I was on to raise it higher, I started to feel nauseated, but was able to contain myself so I did not throw up. I felt really dizzy as she was wheeling me up to the 8th floor. When I had to move from the surgery bed to the hospital bed, I did vomit. It was so painful, because my abdomen had just been operated on, so using those muscles to vomit was extremely painful. Finally, I was settled, and within about 10 minutes, Landon came and joined me. I slept all morning, and around 12pm, Landon told me that Mt. St. Helens erupted--well, let off some steam & ash. I listened with my eyes closed to the news, then drifted back to sleep. By 3pm, I started to feel a lot of pain, and the nurses were waiting on an order for pain medications. By the time I finally got it, I was in a lot of pain. They gave me morphine, and an anti-nausea medication. Tracy was visiting me at the time, and she left shortly after they gave me the medications through my IV. I fell back asleep. Landon read in a chair next to me all day, and I slept most of the time. By about 5pm, I was awake, and talking, although I as very uncomfortable, and was having trouble catching my breath and breathing normally, because of the carbon dioxide still in my abdominal cavity from surgery. I tried to get up to go to the bathroom, but I was still very weak, and ended up throwing up again. At 7:30pm, Mike, Susan, Miriam, Mark, and Sylvia came by. Miriam & Mark brought me a magazine and a card, and Mike & Susan brought me a plant. My Mom arrived at around 8:15, and got me a really nice hand-made willow wood carving of a pregnant woman that I really, really like, and also she brought me a balloon and some roses with a little stuffed frog for the baby. Sharla & Jen came at about 8:30, and by this time, I was in need of some more pain medication, and was in a lot of pain. By 9pm, everyone left, except for my Mom, and then my Mom left at about 9:30pm. They gave me the pain medication, and I went to sleep. Landon had gone home to go to sleep. They woke me up every 2 hours, but I slept in between pretty soundly. I was surprised I was able to sleep on my side for 2 hours, with only suffering from swelling in my feet. Sleeping on my side helped me to breath better with the carbon dioxide gas in my abdominal cavity. I slept on my back for the rest of the night. By 7am, I was awake, and I looked out the window in the hopsital room at the trees and the rising sun, and felt happy that the baby and me pulled through surgery so successfully. Now, the hard part is over, and I only have to get better.



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