Tuesday, October 26, 2004
I worked all day today. I felt better today at work than I have in weeks, which was encouraging to me. I volunteered to work tomorrow, too, so I'll be working 32 hours this week. Next week, I'm covering the linking job for Millie, who will be on vacation, so I'll be working 32-40 hours next week, also. This is good, though, because I need to make up about 24 hours from when I had the surgery in order to get 800 hours in this year, and get vested for the 5th year in my retirement plan, so that when I leave, I don't lose all the retirement that has accrued since I've started working.

Today my boss approved my request (after 3 months of waiting) for me to take January off, which is the 9th month of my pregnancy. Turns out that after 3 months of waiting, it turns out he had lost my original request. At least he finally approved it. So, the day before my 28th birthday (Jan. 6) will be my last day at Providence. I'll take 3 1/2 weeks PTO, then start my maternity leave with EIT the day I deliver.



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