Friday, October 15, 2004
I woke up hungry at 7am this morning. I got up and ate some cereal, then realized that I was incredibly tired. I laid down on the futon, and Landon was talking to me why he was getting ready, but I felt like I was in and out of consciousness. Landon had to drive to work today, since his bike tire went flat yesterday. After he left, I must have fallen into a deep sleep, because the next thing I knew, I woke up from a deep sleep, and it was 10am. I worked on my photo journal for awhile, took a shower, cleaned the house, did the dishes, some laundry, and sent some e-mails. Landon msn'd me and asked if I'd like to come see him at work to go get some coffee, and it sounded good to me. When I got there, we decided to walk to Border's, and we split a chicken salad wrap and got iced blended coffees (decaf for me, of course). Landon bought a few books, and a journal for his music, then we walked back. Tonight, we went out to dinner at George's Hamburgers in Tigard, and are now taking it easy watching OPB. Landon isn't going to go to session tonight. I've been working on cutting off some of Felix's knots, because he needs to looks his best for his vet appointment in the morning. He doesn't like it when he gets low scores for his matted coat on his comprehensive exam, especially since it is not his fault, as he relies on Landon and I to keep his coat combed nice. We've cut off many knots tonight, and I'm giving him a break since getting scratched on my left foot. Now that he is getting sleepy again, he is in the perfect mood to start cutting away again. When he is tired, he lays on his back with his eyes crossed and his tongue hanging out, and looks mentally disabled. When he is in this state, he lets us do almost anything--so, I'm about to start grooming him again. The cats have taken a lot of work from me the past couple of days! It is important that they are up to date on their vaccines, however, which is why it is worth my while.

Okay--that's it for my second week of recovery. I'm still suffering from internal pain intermittently, but it is getting better with time. Next week, I go back to work, but if it is too much, I may do 4 hour shifts instead of 8. I also work every other day, so will get a day in between shifts to rest.


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