Sunday, October 31, 2004
The end of October has finally arrived, and the 6th month of my pregnancy has come to an end. Only 3 more months now (13 weeks) before our baby will be here! We're excited.

Landon and I woke up pretty early due to changing our clocks back (we were up and about by 7am). I made pancakes, we finished watching Supersize Me, then we got ready and went downtown to do some shopping. We got some new maternity clothes for me at Meier & Frank (there was a big sale, of course), then we went to Camera World and got a new camera. By the end of the day, we had both decided that the camera we got wasn't what we were looking for. We're going to take it back on Tuesday, and continue to shop around for something better. If we're going to get a new camera, it needs to be noticeably better than the one that we already have. If it isn't that much better, then what is the point in spending the extra money? Does anyone have any recommendations? Canon? Olympus?



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