Sunday, September 19, 2004

The sun is setting in the west, and another day is almost over. We spent most of today indoors, cleaning the house, reading, watching movies and TV, and enjoying each other's company before Landon's trip to PA tomorrow. I left the house earlier this morning to get us some Starbucks and breakfast (Starbucks pastries), and return a 10' primed slab of casing to Lowe's for a $14.08 credit on our debit. Pretty much covered what I spent at Starbucks! Anyway, we left the house later in the day to get some groceries for me while Landon will be away. Since I took this picture 2 minutes ago, the sun has already sunk out of sight. Another day is gone. Tomorrow, I will be 20 weeks, and halfway through my pregnancy. Karli


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