Monday, September 20, 2004

Landon just left for Pennyslvania. Since I'm sad, I'm posting a picture of him on my blog. He won't be back until Thursday afternoon. I'll be at work until Thursday night, so I won't see him until then. I know it won't be too much fun, because it is a business trip, after all, but I hope he has fun anyway. Now, I'm off to my 20 week doctor's appointment! Karli


Claudia's Journal said...

At least you have cell phones and computers! Think of the days when familes would just ride off into the sunset in covered wagons and you never saw them again and didn't know if they even made it out West or not. I was just thinking of that last night because some friends of ours left for Arizonia this morning at 7:00 and they are moving down there for a job change --- at the age of 57. He got laid off. Wow!! I said -- that's what you do when you are 20 or maybe 30 -- not almost 60 usually. Oh well, life takes different turns. Hope you get lots of rest while he is gone.

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