Sunday, September 05, 2004

Here is a picture of the little lost kitten. We found out from Miriam last night that he is a she. So, here she is, playing in one of her favorite spots--underneath a bamboo plant stand in our kitchen. Right now, it is even more fun playing under the bamboo plant stand, because there is a phone wire under it, because our computer is now in our dining room. We are in the middle of a remodeling project in the soon-to-be baby's room, and everything that was in that room, including our computer, is now everywhere else. So, here is the little lost kitten that I like to call Baby, and she is playing here. Her other favorite spot to sleep is in our of our kitchen cabinets. She found a hole under one of the cabinets, and she crawls inside and sleeps. I would block the hole, but I don't have the heart to deny her her favorite sleeping spot. Right now, she is playing on the floor with a toy that has feathers on it. At night, she sleeps in between Landon and I. She is a cute kitten, and I love her. She is lucky, because I will make sure she finds a good home.


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