Sunday, September 26, 2004

Here is a picture of Landon as he leaves for work in the mornings. Today, we celebrated Ashton's 1st birthday in McMinnville. Unfortunately, I had a hard time enjoying myself, because I was in pain from my gall bladder. As the evening has wore on, however, the pain has decreased. It is good that the pain is not constant like it was the first two days. The pain now comes and goes, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is a good sign. Right now, I am not showing any evidence of blockage, but I will meet with the surgeon tomorrow to find out what I should do, as a decision will need to be made before I am 24 weeks pregnant. Okay, I need to get to bed--I am really tired, and need rest for the baby and for my painful gall bladder, not to mention for myself. Karli


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