Monday, September 27, 2004
21 Weeks Pregnant
This week our growing baby measures about 7 1/2 inches from crown to rump and weighs slightly more than 12 ounces (350 grams). Also at this point, our baby's eyelids and eyebrows are well developed and his fingernails have grown to cover the fingertips.

I met with a surgeon today at PSTV, and we discussed surgery. If I wait and hope my gallbladder pain gets better, the risks of doing a 3rd trimester laparoscopic cholectomy are much higher. I don't want to take the risk of getting a blockage in the 3rd trimester, which would mean a high-risk surgery. I think the best option for me and the baby is to have my gallbladder taken out now, when the risks are low, rather than wait and take the chance of dealing with higher risks further on. This is a stressful time, but I am trying to be strong. Karli


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