Friday, September 17, 2004
20 Week Ultrasound
Landon and I got up this morning for a 10am appointment at Salon in Vogue to have our hair cut. After the appointment, we went to Starbucks, then we went to Lowe's and bought the rest of the trim for the baby's room. We stopped in Multnomah Village to eat at Aculpulco's Mexican Restaurant. While we were eating, it was raining HARD! We got soaked making a mad dash from the restaurant to our car, then we came home for an hour before our ultrasound appointment. My sister Tracy called at 2:15pm saying to go to OHSU (she works in the perinatal department), because one of the perinatal doctors had agreed to do our ultrasound, and was going to use the 4-D ultrasound machine, which is one of their newer machines, also. We arrived at OHSU 15 minutes later, and were seen at 3pm. The ultrasound lasted for two and a half hours, partly because our baby was so active that it took longer than usual to get all the pictures of its organs, and partly because the sonographer was having fun using their new machine, and was taking lots of extra pictures for us. The 4-D pictures are amazing. You can see our baby's face and features. We have a few pictures of the baby's hands, and all fingers are visible, including the thumb. All of our baby's organs are normal. Some of the organs they took pictures of were its bladder, heart, kidneys, liver, genitals, arms, legs, parts of the brain, the lungs, and the diaphragm. Although I was really tired, and my belly was a little sore from the 2 1/2 hour ultrasound, I was so happy to see our baby on the screen, and to be assured that our baby is healthy and its anatomy has formed perfectly. We chose not to know the sex of our baby, but there is one person in the world that knows our baby's sex, and that is the doctor that did our ultrasound. It is kind of weird that someone out there knows what our baby's gender is, but we do not know. I'm glad to keep it a mystery, though--after all, the process of conception and pregnancy is one of the greatest mysteries in life!


Gay said...

Will we all get to see another photo from this recent ultrasound?

cindy said...

I want to see a picture of my nephew...heheheheheh!

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