Thursday, August 05, 2004

This is what someone looks like after having a migraine headache all day long. To top off the headache, I vomitted today for the first time in my pregnancy after drinking a glass of orange juice. I'm not sure if I can take orange juice again during the pregnancy. I have adversions to certain things (eggs smell roughton to me, and the smell of margerine makes me nauseated). Anyway, after I got sick, I started having some pains, so Susan (Landon's mom) took me to the doctor to get checked out. Everything is fine, but I was miserable with a headache until just now (8:30pm). The headache started at 6:30am, and is what woke me up this morning. Also, I was hungry all day long, but every time I tried to eat anything, I felt sick. That is a horrible place to be in, because you feel shaky from not eating, but the thought of eating or the sight of food was making me sick. Anyway, I need to get used to these pains, I suppose, which signify that the muscles are stretching and the baby is growing--so, it is actually a good thing, and not a source for worry--just a source of discomfort! Anyway, I've laid in bed most of the day today with a cold rag over my head in the dark. This is me right after the headache lifted--don't I look relieved? Actually, I look pretty drained, but the picture documents how I look and feel today--some day, I'll look at this picture with fondness, and won't think of the headache, but will think of the beautiful son or daughter that came out of my temporary physical discomforts.

P.S. It's been 12 hours since my post from this morning--I had no idea then what a challenge today would be!


claudia said...

O.K. -- I will have to admit that when you look at the beautiful pictures of you on your wedding day and then you look at this picture -- it diffently does not look like one of your better, happier moments.
Like you said though, it is nice to have and look back on. As to how much better you look than "then".
Love you, MOM

Beetles and Bees said...

Mom, No one looks as good as they do on their wedding day.

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