Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Lost baby kitten! On Landon's bike-ride to work this morning, this cute kitten was found lost on the 217 overpass on 72nd Avenue. The little kitten followed Landon as he back-tracked to Lowe's, where I met him and took the little kitten home. Felix really likes the kitten, but the kitten is scared. The kitten is really tame and loving, and just wants to be back home. Priscilla seems interested in the kitten, but is jealous of the attention the outsider is getting from me. She also doesn't like any smell but her smells in our house. Felix is too disabled to notice the difference. He just wants to play, and doesn't understand why the kitten is scared of him. We'll put up posters in the neighborhood. As you can see, the kitten was found with a collar on, so he obviously belonged to someone at some point. The collar was pretty scraggly, and looks like it's been on the kitten for awhile. I don't know if the kitten wandered away, or if he was abandoned. He looks to be about 12 weeks old. I'm going to get some flea treatment right now, just to be sure, although there is no evidence of fleas. It is harder, though, to see evidence of fleas on dark-haired cats such as this one. I had one plan for today, but the day has taken on a plan of its own. Karli


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