Saturday, August 21, 2004
I worked all day today (8:30-5pm). Afterwards, Landon had a gig at Mississippi Pizza, so we went there, had something to eat, and listened to Landon play. Mike & Susan came with their friend Lori. Janssen stopped by with his friend Ariel, but they only stayed for about 20 minutes. After they left, Susan said that Janssen is leaving Monday night for New York, so I was surprised and a little upset that he didn't say goodbye to us--especially to Landon. Sharla, her brother Paul, & Jen came with their friend Phillip from Arkansas, and they stayed for a little over an hour. I was glad by the time I was at home and in bed. I get really tired in the evenings now, and don't like to be out past 9 or so. Karli
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