Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I was reading quietly in my bed when all of a sudden I heard a crash! I went out to our porch, to find Priscilla looking guilty as ever standing amongst the broken glass of my LAST Blazer mug from 1993. They used to sell those at Dairy Queen back when the Blazers were a team to be proud of. Anyway, I used to have the full set, but now, the last of them is broken, and it is the fault (albeit accidental) of our 3 year old cat, Priscilla. She was trying to dip her paws into the water in the glass, and in the process, she knocked it over and shattered it. What's so funny is that when I got out to the porch, she had hopped down from the end table, was standing in the broken glass, and still trying to dip her paws into what remained of the bottom of the glass, that just happened to land right-side up. I feel like I already have 2 children to babysit, and I don't even have a human baby yet! Karli


claudia said...

AHH, Karli!! It was Pricilla! She is such a sweet heart! I can't believe you still had those. Now that brings back memories. I remember when I was always trying to "get the one" that I didn't have.

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