Saturday, August 14, 2004

Here is a picture of me walking in the procession to our seats at PSU's graduation. I graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in English. It was a very nice day. The ceremony was only 45 minutes long, and then my Mom organized a nice reception for me at our house. There were balloons, fruit trays, vegetable trays, a large carrot cake, mints, nuts, a large sign that my Dad painted, lots of decorations, nice tablecloths, and more. All of my close friends came, and all of my family was there. I got a lot of nice things for my graduation. Landon got me a pearl necklace from Shane Company, a gardening book, and a journal, my Mom & Dad got me hand-painted (Vincent van Gogh) china and an engraved silver picture frame (8x10), my sister Tracy got me an engraved clock, my sister Kristi got me a 20.00 gift card to Old Navy, my sister Shelly got me turquoise earings with a matching necklace, Mike & Susan got me my favorite perfume, Chloe, Sharla & Jen got me a potted Gerber Daisy plant, Miriam & Mark got me a picture album, Uncle Joe got me a beautiful pair of earrings, Colleen got me a silver bookmark, Cindy and Colleen both got me a bouquet of flowers, and my Mom also got me a bouquet of flowers. I got so many nice things, and I was so happy that everyone came to my graduation reception and made it such a nice and a memorable day for me. Today was a day that I will never forget!


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