Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Here is a picture of Landon's Uncle Larry (with Marylou's dog Maya), his parents, his Aunt Marylou, his Grandpa Sam, and then, of course, Landon and I in Oakland Thanksgiving weekend of last year.

It is almost 1am, and Landon and I both have insomnia. I have it because my skin feels itchy, which is common in pregnancy I have heard, and also, because my mind is disturbed by O'Connor's story, The Violent Bear it Away, which I am 10 pages from finishing. I had no idea that this story would epitomize her use of the grotesque, which is what I am writing my term paper on. It made me physically ill to read it. O'Connor is known for her violent writing, and for her use of the grotesque. As a Catholic, Southern writer, she is able to convey her theological beliefs by using what she calls "a reasonable use of the unreasonable." By creating characters that experience a violent act, she is able to bring those characters to a moment of revelation, which also becomes a moment of revelation for the reader. She uses violence and the grotesque in such a way that it haunts the reader (like me) at 1am in the morning. At least her goal of getting her readers to ponder her work is accomplished, but I'm not so sure it works in a positive manner for me. I need my sleep, and her story is keeping me awake! I don't think I like you tonight, Flannery O'Connor! (Yesterday (it isn't today anymore, as it is 1am!) marked the 40th anniversary of her death). Okay, I think I'm starting to feel sleepy now--maybe I will be able to go to sleep now. --Karli


claudia said...

I don't know what that book is about other than what you have discribed but I do not like to read anything that is disturbing or that stays in my subconscious that it is disturbing to me. Does not seem like the kind of author I would like to pursue.

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