Sunday, August 01, 2004
Goodbye July, Welcome August!
Today we celebrated my sister Tracy's 26th birthday in McMinnville. My Mom, as usual, made a lot of food, and my sister's husband Mike BBQ'd hamburgers and hotdogs. My Dad was a little late getting to the BBQ from the golf course, and usually would be doing the BBQing, but fortunately, Mike was able to step in and we were able to eat sooner than later.

This evening, Landon and I walked to Fred Meyer's. It was a nice walk. We both noticed our fingers swelling during the walk, and I couldn't wait to buy a bottle of cold water when we got to Fred Meyer's.

Landon has been making me fruit smoothies with our new hand blender from Sears (I broke the glass part to our $100.00 Kitchenaid blender we got for our wedding during our recent move). Anyway, Landon will blend up a carton of blueberries, for example, mix it with a little 100% fruit juice and ice, and I will drink the whole glass. He does this with raspberries, pears, peaches, etc. The great thing is that I'm getting a lot of different fruits down, which are important pregnant or not, and I feel great afterwards! I haven't had a headache in a week now (except for the occasional threat of one). I notice that when I eat a variety of food groups, I tend to feel the best. If I eat too much of one food group, I tend to feel not-so-well. Anyway, thanks to Landon, I'm getting great smoothies, which are nice in the summer, and nice for me and for our growing baby, which should be close to about 3 inches by now.



claudia said...

How very nice of Landon! They sound delicious to me!

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