Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Falling asleep...


Lost baby kitten! On Landon's bike-ride to work this morning, this cute kitten was found lost on the 217 overpass on 72nd Avenue. The little kitten followed Landon as he back-tracked to Lowe's, where I met him and took the little kitten home. Felix really likes the kitten, but the kitten is scared. The kitten is really tame and loving, and just wants to be back home. Priscilla seems interested in the kitten, but is jealous of the attention the outsider is getting from me. She also doesn't like any smell but her smells in our house. Felix is too disabled to notice the difference. He just wants to play, and doesn't understand why the kitten is scared of him. We'll put up posters in the neighborhood. As you can see, the kitten was found with a collar on, so he obviously belonged to someone at some point. The collar was pretty scraggly, and looks like it's been on the kitten for awhile. I don't know if the kitten wandered away, or if he was abandoned. He looks to be about 12 weeks old. I'm going to get some flea treatment right now, just to be sure, although there is no evidence of fleas. It is harder, though, to see evidence of fleas on dark-haired cats such as this one. I had one plan for today, but the day has taken on a plan of its own. Karli

Little lost kitten. Found August 31, 2004 on an overpass where he could have been run down. Luckily, a nice man by the name of Landon Kuhn rode his bike by and rescued this little guy.
Monday, August 30, 2004
17 Weeks Pregnant
Information taken from americanbaby.com
Our baby's brain is growing rapidly. By this stage, all of the major areas have been differentiated. The cortical layers, which govern specific brain functions, are beginning to form. The fetus may exhibit signs of a primitive body language in utero, such as recoiling when the needle for the amniocentesis comes too close for comfort. Within the next few weeks, the fetus will be able to hear voices outside the womb and respond positively to music or loving words.

Today, I will be hanging out with Colleen. We might go for a walk somewhere. We might also go to a movie tonight at the Baghdad.

Sunday, August 29, 2004
Landon and I went out to breakfast today at The Original Pancake House on Barbur. I woke up wanting blueberry pancakes, and blueberrry pancakes I had.

After that, Landon went to work, and I went to Washington Square to do some shopping for his birthday. He's going to be so happy when he opens his presents. I don't want him to wait until Saturday, I want him to open them now!

Landon wants to have some of his musician friends over for his birthday, so I need to get around to inviting them today. I have to work on Saturday until 3pm, so I'll probably tell people to come over around 7pm so I have enough time to get ready for everyone. We'll probably go out to dinner with his parents the following weekend for Mike & Landon's birthday.

This is going to be a busy week . . . one busy week after another is making this pregnancy fly by quicker than I expected it would.


Saturday, August 28, 2004
Last night was a lot of fun. I went with Sharla to a wedding in Oregon City. The traffic was really bad, and we were supposed to get there at 6pm to do the gift table, but we didn't get there until 6:15. It was okay, though, because the wedding didn't start until 7pm, and none of the guests had really arrived. The wedding was really nice. It was the wedding of our old friend, Jeni. She went to school with Sharla, and I met her when we lived together on Hawthorne. Anyway, the reception was beautiful, and there was a lot of food.

I didn't get home until 11pm, and I had to be at work by 8:30am, so I didn't get much sleep last night. I have worked now almost all day. I went out on my lunch hour to go to get something to eat, and I had a flat tire, so it has just been one of those days. Landon was at work, so I called his Dad, who lives up the street. He drove over and helped me put the spare on, and on Monday, I'm going to have to go get the tire fixed. Les Schwab will be closed by the time I get off of work.

Tonight, I have an engagement party to go to with Sharla for another friend that we had from when we lived on Hawthorne, and all I want to do right now is go home and go to sleep.

I've been feeling the baby move at least once a day since the 25th of August, which was right at around 16 1/2 weeks.

Okay, back to work....Karli
Friday, August 27, 2004

Today will be a busy one. I am meeting Colleen at 1pm, because she might be leaving for San Diego as early as Monday, and I haven't really had a chance to hang out with her. Tonight, I'm going to a wedding with Sharla. Our friend, Jenny, is getting married. She used to hang out with us a lot when we lived in the Hawthorne house.

In the meantime, Felix will be taking it easy at home. He doesn't know about things like stress or busy-ness. All he understands is the different options there are in our house of comfortable places to sleep. Here is a picture of Felix where he doesn't look so intelligent. He's trying, though!
Thursday, August 26, 2004
I worked all day today. I was so tired all day that I thought 8:30pm would never come around. Finally, it did, and I came home and ate some corn on the cob that Landon made me, then went straight to bed.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004
I had my 16 week doctor's appointment today, and everything looks great. They did an AFP test for spinal bifida and Down's Syndrome.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night with a very painful muscle cramp/spasm. It took about a minute for it to relax, but during that minute, I thought I was never going to get through the pain of it. Leg cramps are apparently a common side-effect of pregnancy.

I felt the baby move today!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004
I took a morning nap, then went to work all day. I'm still at work right now, and I'm really tired. I can't wait to go home and go back to bed, but it sounds like I'll need to stop by the grocery store and get some more groceries for us.

Monday, August 23, 2004

16 Weeks Pregnant
(information taken from http://www.americanbaby.com/)
At 4 to 5 inches long and about 7 ounces, our baby is roughly the size of a large pear. The brain, muscles, nervous and circulatory systems, and urinary tract are all functioning. Amniotic fluid is pumping through our baby's lungs. Its skeleton, composed of rubbery cartilage, will harden later.

Somewhere between the 16th and 20th week, I'll feel our baby's kicks. They won't be solid football kicks (that comes later). Moms-to-be describe the feeling as "fluttery," like "butterflies" or "angel's wings." Technically, it's known as quickening. Each baby's kicking pattern (like the rest of him or her) is unique. Some kick almost incessantly, while others offer a gentle tap now and then, as if to say, "Don't worry, I'm here!"
Sunday, August 22, 2004
It poured down rain all day today. Landon and I did some shopping and browsing between Tigard and Washington Square for most of the day, then came home and laid down for about an hour, then went to Mike & Susan's for dinner & a movie (Kill Bill 2--very lame!). Afterwards, we stopped by our friends, Jody & Matty, to pick up some color swatches from Sherwin-Williams, and Landon played a waltz that they are learning, recording it on a tape, so they could practice it later. By the time we got home, it was about 10pm, so we watched a little of the Olympics, then quickly fell asleep. Weekend is much shorter now that I am working Saturdays. Tomorrow is Monday. Karli
Saturday, August 21, 2004
I worked all day today (8:30-5pm). Afterwards, Landon had a gig at Mississippi Pizza, so we went there, had something to eat, and listened to Landon play. Mike & Susan came with their friend Lori. Janssen stopped by with his friend Ariel, but they only stayed for about 20 minutes. After they left, Susan said that Janssen is leaving Monday night for New York, so I was surprised and a little upset that he didn't say goodbye to us--especially to Landon. Sharla, her brother Paul, & Jen came with their friend Phillip from Arkansas, and they stayed for a little over an hour. I was glad by the time I was at home and in bed. I get really tired in the evenings now, and don't like to be out past 9 or so. Karli
Friday, August 20, 2004

1977--me with my parents. I am about three or four months old here. My Mom could have been a model for losing pregnancy weight. By looking at her, you'd think I was adopted, and not that she had just given birth to a 7lb 6oz baby a few months before.

Today will be another long day at work (12-8:30pm), then tomorrow (Saturday), I work 8:30am-5pm. It will be a long day today and tomorrow, but hopefully, it will go by quickly.
Thursday, August 19, 2004
I woke up this morning and did some weeding in the landscaped circle I made a few months ago at the beginning of our driveway. It looks really nice now that the extra grass is gone! The mountain ash tree I planted there is doing really good, as well as the groundcover and pincushion flowers. I can't wait until everything we've planted comes back next spring. Hopefully nothing dies over the winter! We'll have to protect the roots with extra compost and hope for the best.

Today was a long day at work. It started out with a BBQ outside, so I had a cheeseburger with Patrick and Wendy, then started calling patients. Some things at work upset me today, so I had a stressful afternoon.

When I got home from work, I talked to Landon for awhile, then we watched the Olympics, then the next thing I knew I woke up to Landon taking a shower this morning.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

This is a picture of me in Victoria last September. A lot has happened since this picture was taken! At this time, we didn't know that we were going to be buying a house in early 2004, or having a baby in 2005! Lots of changes have happened and are still coming!

I worked all day today, then came home and folded some laundry, then fell asleep while watching the Olympics. Landon came home later from a practice with Matty, Barbara, and Jim for a gig they have coming up this weekend at Mississippi Pizza. Karli
Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Our disabled cat, Felix. Actually, he isn't really disabled, but in a lot of ways, he is. Sometimes, he forgets to put his tongue back in his mouth when he meows, and leaves it hanging out. At other times, he gets lost in the house, and cries in an empty room until he hears us. Priscilla and Felix can't really play together, either, because Felix doesn't understand the rules of cat and mouse, for example, and gets easily confused. We don't mind, though. We love him just the same.

I have today off from work, so am trying to take it easy since my headaches have been occurring more often. I have to work the next four days (32 hours), so I am taking full advantage of today, and trying to get some much needed rest and relaxation.

Monday, August 16, 2004
15 Weeks Today!
Here is some information about what is going on with our baby at this point in gestation:

The baby's skin is very thin, and blood vessels can be seen underneath. The skin is covered with a fine, fuzzy hair called lanugo, which will not fall out until your
baby nears full-term. The heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood per day. Growing fast, your baby weighs 1.5oz and measures ten centimetres (4")crown to rump or 12.5cm head to toe. This week marks a period of rapid growth, so get your rest.

Landon decided to ride his bike to work this morning. He left about fifteen minutes ago. I hope he makes it safely!

Landon, just before he left for work.
Sunday, August 15, 2004
Today was a long day. Landon left for work early, and put in about four hours. I wasn't feeling well this morning, but after breakfast, left for Washington Square to get my Dad a golf shirt for his 59th birthday. At 12:30pm, Landon and I met at our house, and left for McMinnville. I had Landon stop at Starbucks for a vanilla steamer (steamed milk with vanilla flavoring) to help me to feel better and to give the baby extra calcium during this time when its bones are forming. We got to McMinnville at about 1pm, and Landon started setting up my parents' computer, as he had been fixing it after a major crash over the past week. By 5:30pm, we were getting ready to leave, and Landon was finishing the last install when all of a sudden, all of the viruses that had previously been on the computer started to download themselves and reinstall themselves onto the computer right before his eyes! We hadn't put on an anti-virus scanner yet, so these viruses must have been coming through their cable modem. By the time Landon got the viruses off and got Norton 2004 installed on their computer, it was 9:30pm. I'd been sitting with my Mom in the computer room for about five hours with Landon (Landon had been in there a total of about 8 hours), and I was really tired! At least the computer is working as well as it can for a 99 Gateway. I think it should hold up for awhile for my Mom to use it for e-mail and internet browsing. It's not fast, but it's not as slow as it was, either--and, hopefully, it is virus free.

By the time we got home, it was 10:30pm, and I was sound asleep by 11pm.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Here is a picture of me walking in the procession to our seats at PSU's graduation. I graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in English. It was a very nice day. The ceremony was only 45 minutes long, and then my Mom organized a nice reception for me at our house. There were balloons, fruit trays, vegetable trays, a large carrot cake, mints, nuts, a large sign that my Dad painted, lots of decorations, nice tablecloths, and more. All of my close friends came, and all of my family was there. I got a lot of nice things for my graduation. Landon got me a pearl necklace from Shane Company, a gardening book, and a journal, my Mom & Dad got me hand-painted (Vincent van Gogh) china and an engraved silver picture frame (8x10), my sister Tracy got me an engraved clock, my sister Kristi got me a 20.00 gift card to Old Navy, my sister Shelly got me turquoise earings with a matching necklace, Mike & Susan got me my favorite perfume, Chloe, Sharla & Jen got me a potted Gerber Daisy plant, Miriam & Mark got me a picture album, Uncle Joe got me a beautiful pair of earrings, Colleen got me a silver bookmark, Cindy and Colleen both got me a bouquet of flowers, and my Mom also got me a bouquet of flowers. I got so many nice things, and I was so happy that everyone came to my graduation reception and made it such a nice and a memorable day for me. Today was a day that I will never forget!
Friday, August 13, 2004

I had to leave work early today, because I got another migraine. On the way home, I stopped at Lloyd Center to get some new pants that fit me around my changing waist. By the time I got home, my headache was so bad that I went straight to our bedroom. Within about thirty minutes, the pain was so bad that I threw up. After that, I started feeling better, cleaned the house for my graduation reception tomorrow, then went to bed. This is when I realized how sick Priscilla was. She hadn't eaten for two days, and had been trying to expel something from her throat, but wasn't getting anywhere. I called Landon, who was at session, and he came home immediately, and we took Priscilla to the emergency vet at around 12am. Sure enough, she had a five inch sharp edged blade of grass stuck in her throat, and she had to be put under to have it removed. By 1am, we came home, and went to bed. We slept poorly, and had to get up at 6:30 to get ready for my graduation. Landon had to run go get Priscilla, and I had to continue getting the house ready. $166.00 to remove that blade of grass!

This is a picture of a large oak tree near our backyard.
Thursday, August 12, 2004
At 1:17pm today, August 12th, 2004, I finished my work as an undergraduate. Now, all I have to do is hit print, and I'll really be done! No more teachers, no more books!

Today is my last day of school as an undergraduate. I am almost done with my final paper, and have 40 final pages to read. By 6pm today, I'll almost be a graduate.
(Felix and Priscilla when they were babies).
Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Homework, school, homework. Slowly, but surely, I'll make it through the last week of school! (Here is a picture of Felix when he was a baby. Until we have a baby of our own to post pictures of, the baby pictures of our cats will have to do). Karli
Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My Mom had 4 girls in 4 1/2 years. This is me, almost 2 years old, getting used to the new baby, my sister Tracy.

Today, I worked on final assignments all day, then went to class. When I got home, I watched Bleu for the 5th time, and took notes for my final paper while Landon tried to do his final paper. He was just too burnt out from work, though, so ended up laying down with a migraine for the rest of the night. After the movie, I came to the computer and got my opening paragraph & thesis typed up, so I'm well on my way now to getting my last and final undergraduate paper typed up!

Monday, August 09, 2004
14 Weeks Pregnant Today

Landon and Susan (his Mom), 1979.

Today marks 14 weeks!

I've been working on my homework, and am excited that today also marks the first day of the last week of college as an undergraduate. Who knows when I'll return to school again--this might be it for awhile! Only one more paper and 150 pages (to read) left to go.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Picture of Landon and I last summer (2003). Well, today was a long day. We worked on our papers all day, then headed down to McMinnville for my Grandma Edmond's 84th birthday at my Mom & Dad's house. While Landon was trying to install an anti-virus protector on my parents' 1999 Gateway computer, the entire thing crashed, so he spent about four hours trying to fix it to no avail. Finally, he decided to take it home with us to fix it, and is going to a lot of work to get it back in semi-working order. He might suggest different hardware parts that need to be replaced if he can figure out where the problem is. I think the main problem is that it is a 99 Gateway, so they probably should just get a new computer altogether, but Landon might be able to get it in working order since my Mom only uses it to check her e-mail, browse online, etc. The other problem, though, is they have a digital camera, so the pictures need to have a sufficient system on which they can be stored. They also should get a DVD burner so they can back up their pictures, because there was a big chance that everything was lost yesterday--luckily, Landon was able to salvage everything once we got home. Long day!
Saturday, August 07, 2004

My mom mentioned in the comment field that when looking at pictures of me on my wedding day, the picture I posted of myself yesterday definitely doesn't look like one of my better moments. My reply to that is that no one looks as good as they do on their wedding day. I picked an authentic picture of Landon and I laughing together during our first dance as a married couple to show just how good (and happy) we once looked. Hey, don't you love before and after pictures? This is me before--and look at me now--I'm a washed-out, migraine plagued, pregnant woman who doesn't see the point in wearing make-up around the house--hey, who am I going to impress--the cats?
Friday, August 06, 2004
I worked all day today. Only one more hour to go. When I get home, I will try to get two more pages done on my paper, then I'll work on it all day tomorrow until we have to go to our friend Gay's house for a potluck.

We got hit with viruses on our computer, so Landon has been trying to get rid of them with updated virus scanners. They even corrupted my personal files. I'll tell you one thing, if we ever got a virus that wiped out a paper I had just typed, I think I'd have a nervous breakdown. Once, I forgot to save my paper why I was typing it, and after working on it all day, my computer crashed, and it took Landon awhile to find the paper. Luckily, it had autosaved during the day, but it was hard to find for awhile. During the time between when the computer crashed and Landon found my paper, I literally wanted to pull my hair out from the stress of it all.


Thursday, August 05, 2004

This is what someone looks like after having a migraine headache all day long. To top off the headache, I vomitted today for the first time in my pregnancy after drinking a glass of orange juice. I'm not sure if I can take orange juice again during the pregnancy. I have adversions to certain things (eggs smell roughton to me, and the smell of margerine makes me nauseated). Anyway, after I got sick, I started having some pains, so Susan (Landon's mom) took me to the doctor to get checked out. Everything is fine, but I was miserable with a headache until just now (8:30pm). The headache started at 6:30am, and is what woke me up this morning. Also, I was hungry all day long, but every time I tried to eat anything, I felt sick. That is a horrible place to be in, because you feel shaky from not eating, but the thought of eating or the sight of food was making me sick. Anyway, I need to get used to these pains, I suppose, which signify that the muscles are stretching and the baby is growing--so, it is actually a good thing, and not a source for worry--just a source of discomfort! Anyway, I've laid in bed most of the day today with a cold rag over my head in the dark. This is me right after the headache lifted--don't I look relieved? Actually, I look pretty drained, but the picture documents how I look and feel today--some day, I'll look at this picture with fondness, and won't think of the headache, but will think of the beautiful son or daughter that came out of my temporary physical discomforts.

P.S. It's been 12 hours since my post from this morning--I had no idea then what a challenge today would be!
I'm really tired today, because I woke up at 6:30am with a headache, and never was able to really get back to sleep. Right now, I'm wishing I could drink coffee, because I have a 10 page paper to type on Flannery O'Connor. I'm going to take some tylenol (the only pain relief you can take when pregnant) so that my headache doesn't become unbearable. Sometimes, being pregnant is a challenge!
Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I was reading quietly in my bed when all of a sudden I heard a crash! I went out to our porch, to find Priscilla looking guilty as ever standing amongst the broken glass of my LAST Blazer mug from 1993. They used to sell those at Dairy Queen back when the Blazers were a team to be proud of. Anyway, I used to have the full set, but now, the last of them is broken, and it is the fault (albeit accidental) of our 3 year old cat, Priscilla. She was trying to dip her paws into the water in the glass, and in the process, she knocked it over and shattered it. What's so funny is that when I got out to the porch, she had hopped down from the end table, was standing in the broken glass, and still trying to dip her paws into what remained of the bottom of the glass, that just happened to land right-side up. I feel like I already have 2 children to babysit, and I don't even have a human baby yet! Karli

Here is a picture of Landon's Uncle Larry (with Marylou's dog Maya), his parents, his Aunt Marylou, his Grandpa Sam, and then, of course, Landon and I in Oakland Thanksgiving weekend of last year.

It is almost 1am, and Landon and I both have insomnia. I have it because my skin feels itchy, which is common in pregnancy I have heard, and also, because my mind is disturbed by O'Connor's story, The Violent Bear it Away, which I am 10 pages from finishing. I had no idea that this story would epitomize her use of the grotesque, which is what I am writing my term paper on. It made me physically ill to read it. O'Connor is known for her violent writing, and for her use of the grotesque. As a Catholic, Southern writer, she is able to convey her theological beliefs by using what she calls "a reasonable use of the unreasonable." By creating characters that experience a violent act, she is able to bring those characters to a moment of revelation, which also becomes a moment of revelation for the reader. She uses violence and the grotesque in such a way that it haunts the reader (like me) at 1am in the morning. At least her goal of getting her readers to ponder her work is accomplished, but I'm not so sure it works in a positive manner for me. I need my sleep, and her story is keeping me awake! I don't think I like you tonight, Flannery O'Connor! (Yesterday (it isn't today anymore, as it is 1am!) marked the 40th anniversary of her death). Okay, I think I'm starting to feel sleepy now--maybe I will be able to go to sleep now. --Karli

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Landon and Karli at the Oregon Garden in Silverton.
The plan for today is to finish The Violent Bear it Away, go to class, then come home and develop the thesis for my final paper in the class (Flannery O'Connor).

For fun, have a look at the Chinese Gender Chart, said to have a 90% accuracy rate. Both of my sisters should have had girls, according to the chart, but they both had boys, so I don't know if the rate is really this high. For fun, though, have a look. By this chart, we will be having a girl. Only time will tell!
Monday, August 02, 2004
Ultrascreen Results
Good news! Before my ultrascreen (ultrasound + blood test), my chances of having a baby with Down's Syndrome was 1 in 819. Our baby's nuchal translucency measurement was .11. Normally babies at risk for Trisomy 18 or Down's Syndrome (Trisomy 21) have a nuchal translucency measurement of over .25. Our baby isn't even close. Now, our chances of having a baby with Down's Syndrome have been reduced to 1 in 4211. Our chances of having a baby with Trisomy 18 was 1 in 1936, but is now less than 1 in 10,000. The baby measured 5.9 centimeters crown to rump (almost 2 1/2 inches!). We will have a blood test at 16 weeks to test for spinal bifida, and a second ultrasound at 18-20 weeks to have another look at the baby, where more can be seen.

Our Baby Enters the 2nd Trimester
13 weeks today! Goodbye to the first trimester, and on to the second! This is an exciting milestone in any pregnancy. The risk of miscarriage goes way down, and women typically begin to feel much better! The excessive tiredness, sore breasts, frequent urination, and headaches may not disappear altogether, but the magnitude and frequency of these symptoms (and others) lessen in the second trimester. In fact, the second trimester is often referred to as the honeymoon phase of pregnancy, because it comes just after the height of symptoms common in early pregnancy, but just before the uncomfortable stage of the last trimester. Posted here is an online photo of a fetus at 13 weeks. Actually, this pictures is similar to the ultrasound pictures of our baby from last Monday. If you look at the ultrasound photo I posted of our baby's arm, it looks just like the arms pictured in this photo. Same goes for the head (now resting on a neck instead of shoulders), the legs, and the shape of the body. The head now begins to slow in growth during this stage, and the body catches up. --Karli
Sunday, August 01, 2004

Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm'
Rudbeckia fulgida
Goodbye July, Welcome August!
Today we celebrated my sister Tracy's 26th birthday in McMinnville. My Mom, as usual, made a lot of food, and my sister's husband Mike BBQ'd hamburgers and hotdogs. My Dad was a little late getting to the BBQ from the golf course, and usually would be doing the BBQing, but fortunately, Mike was able to step in and we were able to eat sooner than later.

This evening, Landon and I walked to Fred Meyer's. It was a nice walk. We both noticed our fingers swelling during the walk, and I couldn't wait to buy a bottle of cold water when we got to Fred Meyer's.

Landon has been making me fruit smoothies with our new hand blender from Sears (I broke the glass part to our $100.00 Kitchenaid blender we got for our wedding during our recent move). Anyway, Landon will blend up a carton of blueberries, for example, mix it with a little 100% fruit juice and ice, and I will drink the whole glass. He does this with raspberries, pears, peaches, etc. The great thing is that I'm getting a lot of different fruits down, which are important pregnant or not, and I feel great afterwards! I haven't had a headache in a week now (except for the occasional threat of one). I notice that when I eat a variety of food groups, I tend to feel the best. If I eat too much of one food group, I tend to feel not-so-well. Anyway, thanks to Landon, I'm getting great smoothies, which are nice in the summer, and nice for me and for our growing baby, which should be close to about 3 inches by now.

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