Monday, July 05, 2004

Nice July day. We had today off of work and school. I got up early this morning and went to Fred Meyer for supplies to make pancakes. I made hot coffee and pancakes for Landon, and just pancakes for myself. I bought Odwalla juice at Fred Meyer also for us to drink with breakfast. Landon had 3 pancakes, and I had only 1. I bought raspberry syrup at Fred Meyer, and it was really good! After breakfast, I went outside and watered the plants, then came inside and fell asleep for an hour while Landon washed went to get his oil changed and bought supplies to wash his car in the driveway. I woke up when Cindy called me, and I talked to her for awhile, then I went with Landon to Multnomah Village for lunch at Marco's Cafe. I had ham and mushroom quiche with cream of mushroom soup, and Landon got a big spinach salad. Afterwards, we went to Annie Bloom's books, where I bought The Pregnancy Journal (a day-to-day account of what is going on throughout your pregnancy), and we also went to a toy store, where I bought a stuffed frog for the nursery like the one that I bought for Kaenan. I liked the one that I bought for him so much that I bought another one for our own baby. When we got home, I read and read and read in my assigned text Tracks by Louise Erdrich. It is really good. It took me awhile to get into the novel, but now that I understand that there are two narrators, I really like it! Anyway, I finished my required reading for tomorrow about an hour ago, and have just now finished typing up a paper due tomorrow. In the morning, I'll do my research I need to have ready for tomorrow on the Indian Removal Act. Anyway, I'm glad my Mom gave us the seedless watermelon, because it was really sweet, and now all that is left of it are the rinds, and they are laying out on our compost pile, where the insects will turn them into good soil for gardening.

9 weeks pregnant today! One more week, and the embryonic stage will give way to the fetal stage! All organs will have been developed, and the baby will only get larger and more fully developed.



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