Sunday, July 11, 2004
Landon worked all morning and early afternoon on the patio. He has a small section finished now, but lots more to go. I read Medicine River outside on a chair in the shade while he worked for my American Indian Literature class. At 1:30pm, I met my friend Miriam at Starbucks up the road (we live less than a mile apart), and we talked for an hour. She gave me a bunch of pregnancy magazines and a name book and a pregnancy book that she used when pregnant. I can't get enough books about pregnancy!

Right now, Landon is doing the dishes and making baked potatoes for dinner. After dinner, we are going over to friends Jim & Susan's house for a house session. Jody and Matty will be there, and I'm looking forward to seeing them, because we have only seen them once since Matty's accident. It should be fun. I think the session will be out in their garden, and I have heard that Susan is quite the gardener. I've been told their backyard looks like an English garden. I hope mine looks like that some day, but I doubt we'll be in this house long enough for the garden to mature to that level. In fact, we'll probably have to move from this house within 3-5 years, unless we add-on, which I don't think we'll choose to do.

Okay, I need to finish Chapter 4 of my book for tomorrow before dinner, since we are going out tonight!



claudia said...

I love the look and feel of Old English Gardens! Did hers turn out to be like that? How nice if it did!

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