Saturday, July 31, 2004
Landon and I got up this morning and headed down to PSU's library to do some research for our final in our film class, but ended up leaving, because the film index is practically useless at PSU. We'll have to try to find some scholarly articles online, if that is possible. After this, we went over to the east side to check on Mike & Susan's house for the last time (they get back from Africa on Tuesday afternoon). Their house wasn't hot and stuffy like last weekend, probably because the weather has cooled off the past day or so. We didn't stay long, and left shortly after arriving. We looked around at a nearby nursery for awhile, then left, and went to Zupan's, where we picked up some lunch. After eating lunch, we took a nap, then Landon mowed the lawn, while I did the dishes. Now, Landon is going to make couscous salad for dinner, then he has to play a wedding gig tonight with Danny & Bob ($200.00!). I plan to try to get a large chunk of The Violent Bear it Away read by tonight, because I'd like to try to get a thesis underway by tomorrow, even though most of tomorrow afternoon will be spent in McMinnville celebrating my sister Tracy's 26th birthday. Landon will be at Chris' for a jam session tomorrow afternoon, so won't be able to make it to McMinnville.

Only 2 more weeks of college, and I'm done! I don't know if I'll be able to make it through these two final papers, though! I don't know if the material is difficult, or I just don't feel like writing them, but either way, it's going to be a tough two weeks!



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