Monday, July 19, 2004

Landon--2 years old.
I am 11 weeks pregnant today.  The weeks are flying by--only 3 more weeks to go, and we'll be out of the first trimester, which is a pretty exciting milestone.  The only pregnancy symptom that has been getting to me lately are the headaches.  I feel like I am always fighting them.  My book said to watch for the trigger of the headache, and I'm pretty sure that it is from not eating enough or waiting too long between meals.  I notice that when I get hungry, and don't eat right away, that the headache comes on shortly afterward, and once it hits me, it is really hard to get rid of it.  When you are pregnant, you can only take tylenol, and for some reason, that does not seem to alleviate the pain at all. 
Landon and I finished our mid-terms yesterday.  My American Indian class is over, now, and my Flannery O'Connor class begins today.  Mondays and Wednesdays will be long, because I will be sitting in class for five hours straight.  My new work schedule will be all day Fridays. 
Well, time to get started on my day.


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