Friday, July 23, 2004
I went to Jen's today to see her little boy, Dylan David, and he is so tiny and cute!   I held him for awhile, then she laid him down in his crib. 

Afterwards, I went to work all day.  After work, I went to Mike & Susan's to check on their house & cats, since it was 103 degrees today.  Their house isn't too hot, but the air is stuffy, and I tried to find a fan to no avail.  The cats are okay, but it is pretty uncomfortable in their house w/ no air conditioning.  I watered some of their plants, brought some mail inside, and made sure the cats were okay, then I left.  I called Landon as I was leaving, and he asked if I could grab the dolly so we could move the new bench we bought at A1 Birdbath last weekend ($120.00 & about 400 lbs) to the backyard (it was all we could do to get it out of the trunk and leave it laying in the driveway).  Anyway, shortly after that phone call, our nice neighbors, Monique and Jeff, came over with Monique's sister and knocked on the door, asking Landon if they could help him move it into our backyard.  I was really impressed by this!  The bench looks great in our backyard.  I will take a picture of it and post it in tomorrow's blog entry. 

After a long day, I'm going to go to bed early and enjoy the air conditioning in our new house--especially nice to have during a day like today!



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