Tuesday, July 13, 2004
I suffered from morning sickness and a major headache all day today. I had to work this evening, and as the night wore on, my headache and nausea got worse and worse. I finally left at 6:30pm to go to Trader Joe's to get something to eat. It was so hot outside! By the time I got back, I felt really sick. Then, I started crying. Cindy helped me make my dinner, which I barely touched, and I took some tylenol--the one thing I can take when I am pregnant. The tylenol didn't help at all. It was hard to believe my headache could get worse, but it did. Luckily, I made it through work, so I didn't have to leave early. When I got home, I laid in bed and tried to go to sleep, but by now my head felt like it was going to explode from the pain. Landon convinced me to take some more tylenol, and eventually I fell asleep. The headache never completely left, but got much better as the night wore on into early Wednesday morning. The last thing I remember when I fell asleep was the sound of the TV Landon was watching, and the excruciating pain that was pounding through my head. I've had better days in life, let me tell you.



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