Saturday, July 24, 2004

Here is the promised picture of the new garden bench we got last weekend, but only got set up last night, thanks to the help of our neighbors, Jeff & Monique. It'll probably sit right where it is for years to come. Felix already tried it out this morning in the sun.

We went to see the 10:35 showing of The Bourne Supremacy this morning.  It was pretty good!  I liked The Bourne Identity so much a couple of years ago, that I bought all of Robert Ludlum's books, but have never read them.  I'm sure, like always, that the books far surpass the movies.  Anyway, it was a decent movie--worth seeing.  I still want to see Spiderman.

Basically, we're trying to avoid the heat today by staying indoors and taking it easy.  We might go shopping later at the mall for a hand blender, sandals for Landon, and a pair of linen pants with a drawstring for me. 

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