Sunday, July 25, 2004

Here is another picture Landon took of us laying on the lush, green grass at the Oregon Gardens. I look happy, because we're laying in the shade. Landon looks happy, because, well, I don't know--maybe he's trying to look happy for the camera?

Anyway, Cindy is on her way over here, and I'm procrastinating on my homework once again, and will try to get it all done tomorrow and Tuesday morning. For right now, I'm going to go rent a movie, watch it with Cindy & Landon, and try to relax, and drink these tasy fruit smoothies Landon's been making us with our new hand blender. --KK


claudia said...

Nice, clear pictures!! Yes, you both look like you are relaxed and very happy.
Karli----I thought you said you had to do your homework! What's with the movie? I con't blame you --I would for sure choose the same thing myself.
DID I SOUND TO MUCH LIKE "MOTHER" TO YOU FOR A MINUTE? It is hard to always remember that you kids are all adults. Love you, Mom

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