Sunday, July 04, 2004
Happy 4th of July! Today is also my parents' anniversary, so all of us kids went down to McMinnville (Mike & Tracy rode down with us to conserve gas), and celebrated with a BBQ. Mom made baked beans, potato salad, a fruit bowl (rasperberries, cantelope, red grapes, and watermelon), and deviled eggs, and Dad BBQ'd hamburgers and hot-dogs. It was good. I wish I had had room for a hot-dog, but after the hamburger, there was room for no more. For dessert, we had a choice of lemon meringue pie or buttermilk brownies. We got down there at around 1pm, and Landon spent a lot of that time fixing Mom & Dad's computer, because there was a lot of unnecessary downloaded material making the connection slow. We left at about 5pm, and Tracy & Mike went to see a movie, and Mom, Robby, and Kristi & Zac were going to go see a movie in McMinnville. Landon and I couldn't go see a movie, although I do really want to see Spiderman 2, because we are going to see the fireworks display down on the Portland waterfront at 9pm with Danny. I hope it is fun! Right now, I am fighting my 3rd pounding headache since pregnancy, and hope it does not escalate as the night progresses, or those pounding fireworks will make my head pound all the more!



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