Monday, July 26, 2004

12 weeks (3 months), measured at 5.9 centimeters--Doppler picked up the heartbeat right away, timing the heartbeat at 150 beats per minute, but the ultrasound timed the heartbeat at 167 beats per minute. Based on the baby's length, the ultrasound determined I am 12 weeks, 3 days, but by my records, I am 12 weeks, 0 days today. Regardless, my data, and the ultrasound's data are within a close range of 3 days difference.
Everything looks normal, but we'll get the test results within a few days.
The baby hardly stopped moving for a second during the ultrasound. We were able to watch for over an hour. We saw its little arms moving around, and its perfectly formed feet were kicking constantly.


claudia said...

These are the very first pictures that you have of your baby! I really like the one of the profile but the one of it's feet and legs is a little hard for me to see. The other one is a really good one though.
Do you feel bad when Dad says, "Picture of my grand-daughter?" It would be nice if you have a girl but a boy would be fine also. Being healthy and your health is the most important. I think he says that because we already have two grandsons.
It is exciting, Karli!! It will be fun to see the progress of the growth of the baby. It is so amazing how they have such high tech things now days. Grandma Simpson would never believe it. She did not even knofw she was having twins until after she had Mom and then all of a sudden Aunt Esther came out. Crazy huh?! Now you can see (and know the sex if you want)of the baby in the first trimester.
I am so happy all is going well for you!!
Love, MOM

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