Saturday, July 31, 2004
Landon and I got up this morning and headed down to PSU's library to do some research for our final in our film class, but ended up leaving, because the film index is practically useless at PSU. We'll have to try to find some scholarly articles online, if that is possible. After this, we went over to the east side to check on Mike & Susan's house for the last time (they get back from Africa on Tuesday afternoon). Their house wasn't hot and stuffy like last weekend, probably because the weather has cooled off the past day or so. We didn't stay long, and left shortly after arriving. We looked around at a nearby nursery for awhile, then left, and went to Zupan's, where we picked up some lunch. After eating lunch, we took a nap, then Landon mowed the lawn, while I did the dishes. Now, Landon is going to make couscous salad for dinner, then he has to play a wedding gig tonight with Danny & Bob ($200.00!). I plan to try to get a large chunk of The Violent Bear it Away read by tonight, because I'd like to try to get a thesis underway by tomorrow, even though most of tomorrow afternoon will be spent in McMinnville celebrating my sister Tracy's 26th birthday. Landon will be at Chris' for a jam session tomorrow afternoon, so won't be able to make it to McMinnville.

Only 2 more weeks of college, and I'm done! I don't know if I'll be able to make it through these two final papers, though! I don't know if the material is difficult, or I just don't feel like writing them, but either way, it's going to be a tough two weeks!

Friday, July 30, 2004

Here is a picture of the baby's arm and hand (the thumb is barely visible).

Today, I'm working all day (12-8:30).  Tonight when I get home, I'll continue to read The Violent Bear it Away by Flannery O'Connor.

Thursday, July 29, 2004
I haven't felt well today.  I woke up feeling light-headed and dizzy, with a headache.  This is normal when I first get out of bed in the mornings since becoming pregnant, but the feeling hasn't stopped all day.  I'm hoping to feel better now that I am getting ready to leave the house for class.  I cancelled plans I made with Sharla for tonight, because I'm not feeling up to much.  I think I'll come home tonight and rest.  Hot soup with bread and butter sound good for dinner.  I wonder if Landon will be up to making me dinner?  We'll see. 

July 29th!--can't believe the summer is more than half over already.
Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Picture of Landon resting at the Oregon Gardens. We were out late last night, so will probably be tired most of today. Mondays and Wednesdays are our busiest days, because we have class until 9:30, and I have class back to back from 3:30-9:30. So, we usually don't get home until 10 or so, then a lot of times I have reading to do until after 11. Usually, I can't stay up past 11, because I'm too tired these days. Anyway, not much going on today other than homework and school. --KK
Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Here is the left leg and the bottom of the right foot, taken by ultrasound yesterday.

I need to run a few errands this morning, then I plan to catch up on some homework until class starts at 3:30pm. 

We're so happy about the baby!
Monday, July 26, 2004

12 weeks (3 months), measured at 5.9 centimeters--Doppler picked up the heartbeat right away, timing the heartbeat at 150 beats per minute, but the ultrasound timed the heartbeat at 167 beats per minute. Based on the baby's length, the ultrasound determined I am 12 weeks, 3 days, but by my records, I am 12 weeks, 0 days today. Regardless, my data, and the ultrasound's data are within a close range of 3 days difference.
Everything looks normal, but we'll get the test results within a few days.
The baby hardly stopped moving for a second during the ultrasound. We were able to watch for over an hour. We saw its little arms moving around, and its perfectly formed feet were kicking constantly.

Ultrascreen photos
What is an "Ultra-screen" test?

Some medical centers have added a blood test or two to the nuchal measurement to give you an even more accurate risk assessment. A relatively new screening test called the "Ultra-screen" combines the nuchal fold measurement with two blood tests (also done between 11 and 14 weeks), increasing the accuracy of the risk assessment from 80 to 90 percent for Down syndrome. (But remember it's still an estimate of risk and not definitive, like CVS or amniocentesis.) The Ultra-screen is not yet widely available but is becoming more common. The blood tests measure two proteins in your blood: freeBeta-hcg (the free beta subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin) and PAPP-A (pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A). The blood samples are collected from your fingertips — they only need a few drops — and results are usually available in 24 hours. (Other centers may be combining the results of some of these tests with the multiple marker screen at 15 to 18 weeks.)Finally, a few very advanced medical centers are also starting to include one more factor into the risk assessment. They're looking for the baby's nasal bone. If it's not there at all between 11 and 14 weeks, the baby is at an increased risk for Down syndrome. Research results indicate that including this marker along with the mother's age, baby's age, nuchal fold measurement, and blood tests can bring the accuracy of the risk assessment up to 97 percent.
Sunday, July 25, 2004

Today, Landon sat out in the yard and drank his coffee, then decided that he wanted to go to the Oregon Gardens in Silverton. We went there at around 1pm, stopped at Roth's for sandwiches from the deli, then got grossed out watching the woman make them. She kept having to run to the cooler, run to the shelf, or run to the other counters to get stuff she was out of, and she never once changed her gloves, so I was a little grossed out by the whole process. We felt bad, since she worked so hard to make our sandwiches for us, so we took them, then put them in the dairy case in a moment of uncertainty. Then, we grabbed some drinks, and went to KFC, which was a big mistake, because their food is WAY too salty, and not very good, either. Anyway, once we got to the Oregon Garden, we realized we forgot the sunscreen, and as you can see from this picture, both Landon and I (especially me) are very fair-skinned individuals. We took a moment to sit in the shade at any chance we got, and hopefully, I was able to avoid a sunburn. We were there for about an hour and a half, then we left. On the way home, we stopped at Roth's (a different one) in Woodburn and picked up ingredients to make soft tacos. Landon said we could just use the burrito sized tortillas that we had at home, but I insisted we needed to get soft taco sized tortillas. Once I got home, I realized how silly this was of me, and wished that I didn't have two packages of tortillas now in my refrigerator. Oh, well. I'm sure we'll get through them somehow.

Here is another picture Landon took of us laying on the lush, green grass at the Oregon Gardens. I look happy, because we're laying in the shade. Landon looks happy, because, well, I don't know--maybe he's trying to look happy for the camera?

Anyway, Cindy is on her way over here, and I'm procrastinating on my homework once again, and will try to get it all done tomorrow and Tuesday morning. For right now, I'm going to go rent a movie, watch it with Cindy & Landon, and try to relax, and drink these tasy fruit smoothies Landon's been making us with our new hand blender. --KK
Saturday, July 24, 2004

Here is the promised picture of the new garden bench we got last weekend, but only got set up last night, thanks to the help of our neighbors, Jeff & Monique. It'll probably sit right where it is for years to come. Felix already tried it out this morning in the sun.

We went to see the 10:35 showing of The Bourne Supremacy this morning.  It was pretty good!  I liked The Bourne Identity so much a couple of years ago, that I bought all of Robert Ludlum's books, but have never read them.  I'm sure, like always, that the books far surpass the movies.  Anyway, it was a decent movie--worth seeing.  I still want to see Spiderman.

Basically, we're trying to avoid the heat today by staying indoors and taking it easy.  We might go shopping later at the mall for a hand blender, sandals for Landon, and a pair of linen pants with a drawstring for me. 

Friday, July 23, 2004

I went to Jen's today to see her little boy, Dylan David, and he is so tiny and cute!   I held him for awhile, then she laid him down in his crib. 

Afterwards, I went to work all day.  After work, I went to Mike & Susan's to check on their house & cats, since it was 103 degrees today.  Their house isn't too hot, but the air is stuffy, and I tried to find a fan to no avail.  The cats are okay, but it is pretty uncomfortable in their house w/ no air conditioning.  I watered some of their plants, brought some mail inside, and made sure the cats were okay, then I left.  I called Landon as I was leaving, and he asked if I could grab the dolly so we could move the new bench we bought at A1 Birdbath last weekend ($120.00 & about 400 lbs) to the backyard (it was all we could do to get it out of the trunk and leave it laying in the driveway).  Anyway, shortly after that phone call, our nice neighbors, Monique and Jeff, came over with Monique's sister and knocked on the door, asking Landon if they could help him move it into our backyard.  I was really impressed by this!  The bench looks great in our backyard.  I will take a picture of it and post it in tomorrow's blog entry. 

After a long day, I'm going to go to bed early and enjoy the air conditioning in our new house--especially nice to have during a day like today!

Thursday, July 22, 2004
My headache is back.  I took a 2 hour nap this morning, and tried to eat frequently today, but the headache came back nonetheless.  I have to leave for class in about a half-hour to forty minutes from now, so I hope it subsides a little by then.  I don't want to go to class with a headache again!  I have to work all day tomorrow, so I hope I don't have it tomorrow, because otherwise it will be a miserable, long day, and I won't have the ability to lay down and rest if it gets really bad. 

I just called my MD's office, and the medical assistant is going to call me back to advise me on these persistent headaches.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Today was a long day, and ended with a painful headache.  I stayed up late late reading Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood, then got up early this morning and read for another hour before I had to get ready to go to work for a two hour meeting.  After the meeting, I came home and finished Wise Blood for class at 3:30pm.  Then, I went to class, feeling really tired, but not having any time for a nap.  By the end of class, I started getting a headache.  Landon met me after class (around 6pm) for dinner.  We went to a Vietnamese restaurant, which was mediocre.  After dinner, my headache was only getting worse, so we walked to 7-11, where we bought some tylenol (the only pain reliever pregnant women can take), as well as some juice.  Landon got a slurpee, then we went to class.  During class, my headache only got worse.  After an hour and fifteen minutes, I finally told the professor I had to leave.  She knows that I'm pregnant, and have been getting headaches.  Anyway, luckily Landon and I had two separate cars, so he stayed at class, and I came home.  The headache only got worse and worse.  Finally, I was forced to lay still with a cold wash rag over my head in darkness.  Landon came home and watched Law & Order, but I was sound asleep long before the show was over.  At 1:30am, I woke up, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the headache was gone.  I don't know what triggered this headache.  I was convinced it was related to eating, but now I think this headache might have been related to not getting a nap or pushing myself too hard.  I have no idea.  It could just be related to the fact that I'm pregnant, and people get headaches when they are pregnant for any old reason.  It is hard to cope with the pain, though, especially when you can't take medication to relieve it.  Tylenol doesn't relieve my headache at all.  Oh, well. 

I'm 11 1/2 weeks now!  Another week and a half, and we'll be out of the first trimester!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004
It is 4:30am in the morning, and instead of sleeping peacefully in bed, I'm up and awake.  I am really tired, but for some reason, I cannot sleep.  My skin feels itchy, and about 10 minutes ago, I gave up watching the clock (I've been up since 3:30am), and came in here in hopes that browsing the internet would make me tired.  They say ("they" meaning the author(s) of one of my books) that the best thing to do for insomnia is to get up and read or do something to relax yourself like take a bath or drink a cup of hot decaf tea.  I don't want to wake Landon up by doing those things right now, so am in the 2nd bedroom with the door closed trying to get tired by browsing.  My book also says that it is worse to watch the clock, getting increasingly more stressed out by the amount of sleep you are losing.  I have quite a lot of reading to do today, and it is going to be pretty hard to read if I've only had 4 hours of sleep, but what am I to do?  Okay, my eyes are starting to feel a little sleepy, so I'll go try this one more time.  If I still can't sleep, I'm going to have to turn on a lamp and read until sleep overcomes me.  There is something wrong about insomnia--it should not be a condition that exists for us poor, hard-working humans! 
Monday, July 19, 2004
Here is an article from ivillage about week 11:
Pregnancy week 11 
You may be suffering from headaches as a result of increased hormones. Help to prevent headaches before they start by eating regularly and drinking plenty of fluids. Get adequate sleep and keep stress levels low. If you experience frequent headaches, if the headache is the by-product of a fever, or if it causes visual disturbances or puffiness in the hands and face, call your doctor immediately. To learn more about first-trimester appetite and nausea.

Your baby-to-be is almost two inches long and weighs about eight grams. The irises are now forming. In females, the clitoris and labia majora are complete. The liver, intestines, brain and lungs are beginning to function on their own. Now that most of the major organ work is done, your baby adds such details as hair, fingernails and toenails. While your baby's head is nearly as large as the rest of its body, head growth begins to slow during this period.

At this time, you only need to increase consumption by 300 to 500 calories per day. Folic acid prevents spina bifida in your baby and also builds strong red blood cells. Vitamin C helps build bones and teeth and is present in citrus fruits and broccoli. Vitamin D helps build strong bones, teeth and tissue and is found in milk, eggs, sardines and salmon. Zinc boosts your baby's growth and guards against premature delivery - eat meat, seafood, dried beans and peas. Omega-3 fatty acids help develop and boost your baby's brain power. Get it from oily fish, almonds, walnuts, and sesame and sunflower seeds.

Landon--2 years old.
I am 11 weeks pregnant today.  The weeks are flying by--only 3 more weeks to go, and we'll be out of the first trimester, which is a pretty exciting milestone.  The only pregnancy symptom that has been getting to me lately are the headaches.  I feel like I am always fighting them.  My book said to watch for the trigger of the headache, and I'm pretty sure that it is from not eating enough or waiting too long between meals.  I notice that when I get hungry, and don't eat right away, that the headache comes on shortly afterward, and once it hits me, it is really hard to get rid of it.  When you are pregnant, you can only take tylenol, and for some reason, that does not seem to alleviate the pain at all. 
Landon and I finished our mid-terms yesterday.  My American Indian class is over, now, and my Flannery O'Connor class begins today.  Mondays and Wednesdays will be long, because I will be sitting in class for five hours straight.  My new work schedule will be all day Fridays. 
Well, time to get started on my day.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Picture of finished patio. Landon landscaped around it, also. Eventually, there will be a pathway leading to this patio, but that probably won't be done until next month, at the earliest.
I can't believe it is July 18th already.  Only four more weeks, and I graduate!  All weekend, Landon and I have been working on our mid-terms for our film class.  We have to turn them in tomorrow night.  Next week, I start working Fridays all day from 12-8:30pm for four weeks.  After that, I'm not sure what my schedule will be, but I have applied for a p/t position that is all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  I'm not really excited about working Saturdays, but it might not be that bad, especially since it won't be for too long. 
Landon finished the patio yesterday.  It looks nice!  Right now, I'm running the sprinkler outside trying to get the plants nice and hydrated, as well as restore our brown grass. 
Well, back to my mid-term!  I need to finish it! 
Saturday, July 17, 2004

Friday, July 16, 2004
I am thinking of painting the baby's room blue (well, Landon will have to do the painting).  We won't have a specific gender in mind when we decorate the nursery, since we are waiting to know the baby's sex until birth.  Here are some interesting facts about the color blue:

In ancient Rome, public servants wore blue. Today, police and other public servants wear blue.
In China, blue is for little girls.
In Iran, blue is the color of mourning.
Blue was used as protection against witches, who supposedly dislike the color.
If you are “true blue,” you are loyal and faithful.
Blue stands for love, which is why a bride carries or wears something blue on her wedding day.
A room painted blue is said to be relaxing.
“Feeling blue” is feeling sad. “Blue devils” are feelings of depression.
Something “out of the blue” is from an unknown source at an unexpected time.
A bluebook is a list of socially prominent people.
The first prize gets a blue ribbon.
A blue blood is a person of noble descent. This is probably from the blue veins of the fair-complexioned aristocrats who first used this term.
“Into the blue” means into the unknown.
A “bluenose” is a strict, puritanical person.
A “bluestocking” used to be a scholarly or highly knowledgeable woman.
The pharaohs of ancient Egypt wore blue for protection against evil.
The “blues” is a style of music derived from southern African-American secular songs. It influenced the development of rock, R&B, and country music.
“Blue laws” are used to enforce moral standards.
A blue ribbon panel is a group of especially qualified people.

  • For more facts on colors, see the following website:

Thursday, July 15, 2004

I am feeling much better today. I was happy that my name was not called this morning for the holding group at jury duty that will stay until 5pm, so for the second day in a row, I was released to go home at 12pm. There was about 300 people there, but I was still surprised that my name wasn't called. Just my luck, though! Now, I won't be late for work tonight, and I'll have time to finish my final this afternoon before going to work. Karli
Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Today, the headache lingers, but is so faint that it doesn't really hurt, but reminds me that it could resurface anytime it wants to. If the headache lingers much longer, I might as well name it, because feelings, even if they are painful, should be named if they choose to hang out with you for longer than a 24-hour period.

I was at jury duty before 8am this morning. Landon was nice enough to drop me off on his way to work. At 10:30am, they called the first round of jurors, and my name was not called. By 12pm, they said they would call a group of 30 people that would stay the whole day, while the rest of us could go home. I was so excited when, after the 30th person was called, I was free to go home. This was just what I needed! I was able to finish Medicine River while sitting in the jury room for four hours, and this afternoon, I've gotten a good head-start on my final paper, which is due Friday morning.

Tonight, we are going out to dinner with Mike & Susan. They leave for Africa tomorrow. I am a little worried about their safety, but realize that everything has a good chance of being fine for them. We'll think positive, and hope for the best! They are embarking on a dangerous journey, though, as they set out to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. We're going to Pot Stickers, and I look forward to a good meal after having a miseable experience with lunch today. First, the eggs I cooked for lunch smelled rotten to me, even though they probably weren't, and it is just that they smelled weird to me since my sense of smell is altered due to being pregnant. Then, I tried making soy corndogs that were in the freezer, and they were freezer-burned, which I found out after taking the first bite! Finally, I got into my car, and drove to Harvest Fresh for a sandwich. It was a good sandwich, but for some reason, I was only able to eat half of it. I took a short nap, and am now working on my paper until I have to get ready for dinner in a half-hour. Actually, as you can see, I'm typing in my blog, and procrastinating on my paper, but that's how it goes. I type my papers with lots of breaks. It helps me to do a better job--at least, that's what I tell myself.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
I suffered from morning sickness and a major headache all day today. I had to work this evening, and as the night wore on, my headache and nausea got worse and worse. I finally left at 6:30pm to go to Trader Joe's to get something to eat. It was so hot outside! By the time I got back, I felt really sick. Then, I started crying. Cindy helped me make my dinner, which I barely touched, and I took some tylenol--the one thing I can take when I am pregnant. The tylenol didn't help at all. It was hard to believe my headache could get worse, but it did. Luckily, I made it through work, so I didn't have to leave early. When I got home, I laid in bed and tried to go to sleep, but by now my head felt like it was going to explode from the pain. Landon convinced me to take some more tylenol, and eventually I fell asleep. The headache never completely left, but got much better as the night wore on into early Wednesday morning. The last thing I remember when I fell asleep was the sound of the TV Landon was watching, and the excruciating pain that was pounding through my head. I've had better days in life, let me tell you.

Monday, July 12, 2004

10 weeks pregnant now! Here is what will be going on with our baby this week:
By the end of this week, your baby will have verifiable fingers and toes. The tadpole appearance diminishes as the tail completely disappears. Eyelids fuse and will stay shut until weeks 25 to 27. Both the external ear and upper lip are complete. The beginnings of external genitalia appear. The average size of your baby-to-be is 27 to 35mm crown-to-rump, or 1.06 to 1.38 inches and weighs in at a hefty four grams.

I just finished a paper, and now need to leave for class soon.

10 weeks down, 40 to go!

Mondays have taken on a whole new meaning these days. Instead of the typical Monday blues, each Monday, one week is left behind, and a new pregnancy week begins.

Sunday, July 11, 2004
Landon worked all morning and early afternoon on the patio. He has a small section finished now, but lots more to go. I read Medicine River outside on a chair in the shade while he worked for my American Indian Literature class. At 1:30pm, I met my friend Miriam at Starbucks up the road (we live less than a mile apart), and we talked for an hour. She gave me a bunch of pregnancy magazines and a name book and a pregnancy book that she used when pregnant. I can't get enough books about pregnancy!

Right now, Landon is doing the dishes and making baked potatoes for dinner. After dinner, we are going over to friends Jim & Susan's house for a house session. Jody and Matty will be there, and I'm looking forward to seeing them, because we have only seen them once since Matty's accident. It should be fun. I think the session will be out in their garden, and I have heard that Susan is quite the gardener. I've been told their backyard looks like an English garden. I hope mine looks like that some day, but I doubt we'll be in this house long enough for the garden to mature to that level. In fact, we'll probably have to move from this house within 3-5 years, unless we add-on, which I don't think we'll choose to do.

Okay, I need to finish Chapter 4 of my book for tomorrow before dinner, since we are going out tonight!

Saturday, July 10, 2004
Landon and Mike started working on building a patio in front of our Tuff Shed. It is an 8x10 area, and small enough that Landon will get the knowledge base and practice so that by the time we brick the circle with a retaining wall in the center of the yard, he will be equipped to do it. Mike & Susan helped haul and carry the bricks from Lowe's to the work site. Mike & Landon did all the work, though, once the supplies were carried on-site.

In the evening, I went over to a co-worker's new apartment. Cindy & Patrick were there, also. Christina made us lasagne and salad, and I brought over Haagan Daas bars for dessert. Then, everyone started drinking, so I left. It isn't fun hanging out with people that are drinking when you're sitting there drinking water!

Friday, July 09, 2004

Landon's hospital picture. I wonder what our baby will look like?

Karli's hospital picture.

Here is a picture of what I look like just before when I'm tired, but happy to have a steaming latte in my hand. This picture was taken on our honeymoon in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. These days, I'm tired all the time, but do not get the steaming latte in my hand. I am definitely feeling sorry for myself right now.

Last night, I slept for about two hours total. I had insomnia all night, and could not get comfortable. I tried moving out to the futon in the living room, but to no avail. Sleep would not come to me. It was a tough night watching the clock. I even tried to sleep this morning after Landon left for work before I have to be to work at 12pm, but I STILL can't get comfortable. Part of the problem is that I need a better pillow. I will make sure to buy a new one this weekend. As for the coffee, I can only look at pictures like this, and imagine what it would taste like and feel like to have a steaming Nova Scotian latte in my hand right now!

I'm working 8 hours today. More money equals a better yard AND a better nursery.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Here is a funny picture of Priscilla that Landon captured when we lived at the apartment on Mt. Scott.

Today was a long day. I typed up my paper, went to class, came home, ate lunch, took a nap for one hour, went to work, came home, watched "Along Came Polly" while eating vegies & dip, then went to bed . . . only to stare at the clock, unable to SLEEP, when that is ALL that I wanted to DO! I hope to goodness gracious that I can sleep tomorrow night. The sleep fairy better visit my side of the bed tonight! I was envious of Landon's deep slumbers last night while I stared at the clock or the ceiling for hours.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Here is a link that explains how the Rh factor works. There is also a helpful chart. St. Josephs Hospital - Women's Health/RH Factor Program
I found out today that my blood type is A-, so I will need a shot of RhoGam at 28 weeks, and one right after delivery if the baby tests for a positive blood type. I wish I knew what Landon's blood type is, so I might see if the lab can do a type & screen on his blood type in 3 weeks when we go to my next MD appointment.

I'm kind of bummed out about this, but there are preventive measures for the risks that being Rh negative carries with it. What's two extra shots, anyway? I'm going to go through a lot more pain than two shots will cause me by the time this is all over with!

Lots of reading today. I'm trying to finish Tracks by Louise Erdrich. It's a really good novel, and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in Native American literature.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Today was my first pre-natal appointment! The doctor performed a series of routine tests, then I went to the lab for more tests. I was at the appointment for a total of two hours. My uterus is enlarged, and everything looks great! I was glad my Mom was able to go with me today, because I decided at the last minute that I didn't want to go by myself. Landon would have gone, but originally, I had told him it was unnecessary since mostly what they do on your first visit is do all the lab-work. Anyway, in 3 weeks, Landon will go with me to my second appointment, where we will hear the baby's heartbeat, and we are also scheduling an ultrascreen to be done around this same time. Things are progressing with the pregnancy, and it is an exciting time right now in our lives!
Monday, July 05, 2004

Landon builds a fire . . .

. . . while the cats play outside. (Pictures are hazy, because I took them from inside the house, and there was a screen separating the lens from the characters you see in the picture).

One bite gone, lots more to go!

Nice July day. We had today off of work and school. I got up early this morning and went to Fred Meyer for supplies to make pancakes. I made hot coffee and pancakes for Landon, and just pancakes for myself. I bought Odwalla juice at Fred Meyer also for us to drink with breakfast. Landon had 3 pancakes, and I had only 1. I bought raspberry syrup at Fred Meyer, and it was really good! After breakfast, I went outside and watered the plants, then came inside and fell asleep for an hour while Landon washed went to get his oil changed and bought supplies to wash his car in the driveway. I woke up when Cindy called me, and I talked to her for awhile, then I went with Landon to Multnomah Village for lunch at Marco's Cafe. I had ham and mushroom quiche with cream of mushroom soup, and Landon got a big spinach salad. Afterwards, we went to Annie Bloom's books, where I bought The Pregnancy Journal (a day-to-day account of what is going on throughout your pregnancy), and we also went to a toy store, where I bought a stuffed frog for the nursery like the one that I bought for Kaenan. I liked the one that I bought for him so much that I bought another one for our own baby. When we got home, I read and read and read in my assigned text Tracks by Louise Erdrich. It is really good. It took me awhile to get into the novel, but now that I understand that there are two narrators, I really like it! Anyway, I finished my required reading for tomorrow about an hour ago, and have just now finished typing up a paper due tomorrow. In the morning, I'll do my research I need to have ready for tomorrow on the Indian Removal Act. Anyway, I'm glad my Mom gave us the seedless watermelon, because it was really sweet, and now all that is left of it are the rinds, and they are laying out on our compost pile, where the insects will turn them into good soil for gardening.

9 weeks pregnant today! One more week, and the embryonic stage will give way to the fetal stage! All organs will have been developed, and the baby will only get larger and more fully developed.

Sunday, July 04, 2004
Happy 4th of July! Today is also my parents' anniversary, so all of us kids went down to McMinnville (Mike & Tracy rode down with us to conserve gas), and celebrated with a BBQ. Mom made baked beans, potato salad, a fruit bowl (rasperberries, cantelope, red grapes, and watermelon), and deviled eggs, and Dad BBQ'd hamburgers and hot-dogs. It was good. I wish I had had room for a hot-dog, but after the hamburger, there was room for no more. For dessert, we had a choice of lemon meringue pie or buttermilk brownies. We got down there at around 1pm, and Landon spent a lot of that time fixing Mom & Dad's computer, because there was a lot of unnecessary downloaded material making the connection slow. We left at about 5pm, and Tracy & Mike went to see a movie, and Mom, Robby, and Kristi & Zac were going to go see a movie in McMinnville. Landon and I couldn't go see a movie, although I do really want to see Spiderman 2, because we are going to see the fireworks display down on the Portland waterfront at 9pm with Danny. I hope it is fun! Right now, I am fighting my 3rd pounding headache since pregnancy, and hope it does not escalate as the night progresses, or those pounding fireworks will make my head pound all the more!

Saturday, July 03, 2004
I pretty much took it easy today after I had a near passing out spell in the shower. I did things around the house, then Landon and I went to Mike & Susan's for dinner, because we won't see them for the 4th of July. They are going hiking tomorrow, and Landon and I will be in McMinnville with my family for a BBQ. Should be fun!

I moved the desk to the dead-end hallway near the 2nd bathroom, and like it better there. I'm trying to clear things out of the 2nd bedroom in preparation for February!

Friday, July 02, 2004 | CTV News, Shows and Sports - Canadian Television

Miriam and Mark had Landon and I over to their apartment for dinner tonight. Miriam made shrimp curry over couscous and a really good salad with fresh tomatoes in it. I drank blueberry juice, and Landon had wine with Mark. For dessert, Miriam had purchased eclairs from Nature's, and they were so good! We stayed until about 9:30pm, because it was so much fun playing with Sylvia, then we came home. I went straight to bed (always tired!), and Landon went to session at Mike Beglan's pub, and didn't get home until after 1am.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Here is a picture of me in 1977. This picture was taken for the newspaper in Woodburn, as I was the first baby born in 1977 in the small city of Woodburn. That would have never happened in Portland, considering I was born on January 6th.

I'm going to go over to Patrick's apartment tonight after work to hang out with some people from work. Landon might come, although he was invited to go to Damien's after work to play pool with some other people from his work, so he might be too tired to hang out again after that.

Well, I have to go get ready for class! 8 class sessions down, 7 to go!

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